Clash Royale Card Popularity Snapshot #26

Hello! My friends at sent me the Battle Decks from players in the Global Top 200 at the end of last season. I analyzed the decks to produce lists of the most popular cards and decks at the top of the ladder. These lists may help you decide which cards to request from your clanmates, purchase with gold, and ultimately include in your deck.

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Card Review

The Log keeps rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling at the top of the ladder! Used in over half of all decks, The Log withstood a placement bug, a nerf, and an unfavorable metagame to remain the most-used card among top players. Skeletons are no longer seen in half of all decks, but their cheap cost and ability to distract and chip away at bigger enemies makes them very useful. Top players recognize the perfect situations to get value from the boney brothers, who facilitate the quick cycle of cheap decks with fast-paced win conditions.

The Hog Rider may be the star of this snapshot, though–in past seasons he shunned the bulky Giant and sneaky Goblins, but no more! Decks with multiple striker cards have become more popular as clever defenders find more ways to repulse lighter attacks. This emphasis on bigger, beefier pushes has brought back the Inferno Tower, a stalwart against oncoming beatdown attacks. Zap continues to falter following its damage reduction–it doesn’t stack up well against the Electro Wizard, who costs just two more and turns a meager defense into a threatening counterattack.

The Knight proves chivalry isn’t dead in this snapshot; he almost doubled in usage and remains the mini-tank of choice for top players. Goblin Gang made the largest single gain of ANY card this season. The Gang outshines the Epic (and slower to upgrade) Skeleton Army, but the Army remains tentatively allied with the Gang, teaming up to great effect in Log-bait decks. Add a Goblin Barrel into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for INSTANT mayhem! Mega Minion reached cruising altitude just above Minions in this snapshot, perhaps due to concerned players who noticed an uptick in area damage from Baby Dragon, Poison, and Princess.

Miner came burrowing back to assist a resurgence in Three Musketeers decks. The ladies now prefer to stick together, as we saw a big dropoff in Musketeer usage this snapshot. The Graveyard dipped slightly in usage this season, but paired with Bowler it remains the integral part of the most popular decklist at the top of the ladder. The Giant fell so far that I just remembered to mention him late in the fourth paragraph–he has suffered hard from the proliferation of troops that swarm him for a quick kill.

Lava Hound and Balloon kept up the pace against decks that focused on defending against ground-based assaults. The Battle Ram and Bandit made a foray toward the top of the Arena in an innovative new decklist that has already crushed hardened competitors in league events. The Royal Giant and Executioner have gone completely missing from the top of ladder. Their absence should have given an opening for more X-Bow play, but strangely its usage was halved from the last season. Lastly, top players turned away from spawners this season: Tombstone fell to the bottom tier of competitive play and Furnace was not seen at all.

Suggested Decks

Graveyard-Bowler Control (26 appearances): Graveyard, Bowler, Poison, Tornado, Knight, Baby Dragon, Skeletons, and PICK- [Electro Wizard] OR [Mega Minion]

Hog Rider Log-bait Control (15 appearances): Hog Rider, Inferno Tower, Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, Princess, Rocket, and PICK- [Arrows] OR [The Log] OR [Zap]

Giant-Hog Rider Beatdown (13 appearances): Giant, Hog Rider, Fireball, The Log, Skeletons, Zap, Minions, and PICK- [Musketeer] OR [Electro Wizard]

Hog Rider Trifecta v3.0 (13 appearances): Hog Rider, Musketeer, Knight, Skeletons, Ice Spirit, Tornado, Zap, Fireball

Three Musketeer Beatdown (11 appearances): Three Musketeers, Miner, The Log, Elixir Collector, Knight, Battle Ram, and PICK- [Skeletons and Ice Spirit] OR [Goblin Gang and Fire Spirits]

Golem Beatdown (10 appearances): Golem, The Log, Skeletons, Elixir Collector, Mega Minion, Baby Dragon, Lightning, and PICK- [Minions] OR [Electro Wizard]

Lava Hound-Balloon Beatdown (9 appearances): Lava Hound, Balloon, Mega Minion, Elixir Collector, Skeletons, Baby Dragon, Fireball, Zap

Lava Hound-Balloon Swarm (9 appearances): Lava Hound, Balloon, Mega Minion, Tombstone, Skeleton Army, Minions, Lightning, Arrows

X-Bow Siege (8 appearances): X-Bow, Inferno Tower, The Log, Ice Golem, Fireball, Mega Minion, Archers, Ice Spirit

Hog-Gobswarm Control (7 appearances): Hog Rider, Inferno Tower, Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel, The Log, Fireball, Goblins, Electro Wizard

Gobswarm Control (7 appearances): Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel, Knight, Rocket, Princess, Inferno Tower, The Log, Ice Spirit

Bandit-Battle Ram Control (7 appearances): Bandit, Battle Ram, Inferno Tower, Goblin Gang, Poison, The Log, Miner, Electro Wizard

Giant-Minion Horde Beatdown (5 appearances): Giant, Miner, Minion Horde, Minions, The Log, Zap, Fireball, Musketeer

Three Musketeer-Hog Rider Beatdown (5 appearances): Three Musketeers, Hog Rider, The Log, Skeletons, Zap, Goblin Gang, Knight, Miner

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Many thanks also to /u/6dad [+5] for formatting the raw data here:

Card Popularity Table

Card Appearances Relative Change
The Log 114 -2
Skeletons 92 -14
Hog Rider 74 30
Inferno Tower 66 14
Zap 66 -12
Knight 64 24
Goblin Gang 63 45
Mega Minion 61 7
Fireball 60 -12
Minions 56 -60
Electro Wizard 51 35
Ice Spirit 48 0
Poison 46 12
Baby Dragon 40 14
Miner 40 12
Elixir Collector 39 -1
Tornado 37 13
Goblin Barrel 36 18
Princess 36 8
Arrows 33 3
Graveyard 33 -9
Musketeer 33 -37
Bowler 31 3
Skeleton Army 29 13
Lightning 28 0
Balloon 27 1
Giant 27 -33
Rocket 24 -2
Archers 21 11
Battle Ram 20 18
Lava Hound 20 4
Ice Golem 18 -12
Minion Horde 18 -12
Three Musketeers 17 15
Golem 13 -3
Cannon 12 4
Freeze 12 -14
Goblins 12 4
Bandit 9 N/A
Tombstone 8 -22
X-Bow 8 -12
Fire Spirits 7 -15
Valkyrie 7 7
Ice Wizard 5 -5
Mini P.E.K.K.A 4 -4
P.E.K.K.A 4 2
Lumberjack 1 -1
Barbarian Hut 0 0
Barbarians 0 -4
Bomb Tower 0 0
Bomber 0 0
Clone 0 0
Dark Prince 0 -2
Dart Goblin 0 -4
Elite Barbarians 0 -2
Executioner 0 -14
Furnace 0 -20
Giant Skeleton 0 0
Goblin Hut 0 -2
Guards 0 0
Inferno Dragon 0 0
Mirror 0 -2
Mortar 0 -2
Prince 0 0
Rage 0 -2
Royal Giant 0 -14
Sparky 0 0
Spear Goblins 0 0
Tesla 0 0
Witch 0 -2
Wizard 0 -4

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  1. No Name

    Release Notes | March 31, 2016

    New Balance Live! (4/30)

    Hello Fellow Clashers! As you may have sawn, our last balance change didn’t change much, so we’re trying another one. Although, Skeletons have saw some usage, no one is still using Witch, Baby Dragon, Dark Prince, or P.E.K.K.A. In this UPDATE we fixed the Executioner and buffed it too.

    This balance change will buff Battle Ram, along with Dart Goblin, and tweak the Bomber and Bomb Tower.

    Valkyrie: Splash radius +12.5%

    This change should make the Valkyrie easier to use. This change will make the Valkyrie’s splash diameter 4.5 tiles, a .5 tile increase from before. This should allow it to be placed in the center of the Goblin Gang and kill all of the Goblins.

    Executioner: Axe hit radius to 1.0 tiles (from 0.9 tiles)

    After our last nerf to the Executioner, we completely killed him. It was supposed to be a temporary change to keep him from being overpowered. The damage and range changed in the last update, but we kept it here because it didn’t really change anything.

    Arrows: Radius increased to 4.25 (from 4) and projectile speed 33% quicker

    The Arrows used to be the best card in the game, but now it is one of the worst. This is because of Zap’s rise in popularity once it gained its stun. A few months later The Log came out. That killed the card.

    Battle Ram: Hitpoints increased by 30%

    We have noticed that the public always jokes around how when we release a new card it is always either OP or really bad. So, as balance change hit the game the cards get either buffed or nerfed, But then we realized we hadn’t done it to the Battle Ram! So, here it goes, a buff to it.

    Dart Goblin: Move speed to Fast (from Very Fast)

    We’re pretty sure that the only reason the Dart Goblin isn’t a suitable counter for Graveyard is that it moves into the Arrows or Poison while defending because he attacks so quickly and moves so quickly. This should make him a more suitable counter to Graveyard and other cards.

    Skeletons: (All skeletons including the Witch, Skeleton Army, Skeletons, and Tombstone) Hitpoints decreased by 10%

    The Skeleton Army will now be a worse counter to Graveyard and Tombstone because it will take 1 more level for it to one shot skeletons the same level.

    Royal Giant: Deploy time increased to 2sec (from 1sec)

    Finally, the Royal Giant is getting a nerf. This nerf should make him a popular tank like Giant, rather than a super siege weapon. This change makes it easier to react to him when he’s placed at the bridge or in the pocket.

    Wizard: Health reduced by 5%, hit speed reduced to 1.5sec (from 1.4sec), range increased to 5.75 tiles (from 5.5 tiles)

    The Wizard apparently is too handsome for the Arena. His usage rate of over 20% in 5 arenas, from Spell Valley to Jungle Arena, we noticed this guy needs a dose of nerfing. As not a lot of people use buildings in lower arenas, the range shouldn’t change much, except in the higher arenas, where people do use buildings. Now he will die to a same level Fireball and attack a bit slower.

    Please leave your thoughts and feedback on the forums or reddit!

    See you in the Arena,
    The Clash Royale Team


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