Clash Royale wins BAFTA eSports award

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) recently held its second eSports award, and Clash Royale was selected as the AMD eSports audience award winner.  That right: Clash Royale, the mobile game that has yet to even establish itself as an eSports title, won the award over League of Legends, CS:GO, DOTA2, Street Fighter V and Overwatch.  While it is worth noting that the winner is selected based on fan voting, the fact that Clash Royale was nominated (and won!) is not sitting well with the eSport community.

MoEsport has been supportive of Clash Royale’s eSports ambitions since day 1, but even we must admit that we are perplexed by this selection.  As starters, tournaments have been few and far between, and we have yet to see any competitions on a global scale that features competition between the best in the world.  This sentiment is shared not just by esports enthusiasts, but also by Clash Royale players; even Backstabx, the winner of the Clash Royale North America Open, feels the game shouldn’t be considered an eSports title with where it is today.

Whether or not Clash Royale is deserving of the award, we hope that this will motivate Supercell to invest more in the game’s eSports initiatives.  Just as Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize as an encouragement to step up his efforts in promoting world peace, we believe that Clash Royale should see this award as an encouragement to step up its efforts in building the game’s eSports scene.  And yes, we just compared Obama and world peace to Clash Royale and eSports.

Congratulations to the Supercell team, and let’s hope this will just be the first of many eSports awards for Clash Royale!

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  1. Noone

    Why so jealous huh ? It is one of the best game just because other games are VERY famous they deserve to win ? Wow man !


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