Clash Royale Card Tier List (14th Edition) by Clyde

Hello all!

SuperCell’s continual addition of new cards has made deck building really fun. This meta has seen crazy combos like Hound-Battle Ram or Bowler-Baby Dragon Tornado and even the revival of the legendary Hog-Giant deck! None of the decks seem overwhelming stronger than everything else, although there are some decks which just downright aren’t fun to play against (I’m looking at you Lava-Loon and Tornado-Graveyard). Here are the changes!

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If you missed my last tier list, here is the link.

DISCLAIMER: This tier list is for TOURNAMENT play and is based on my opinions and it may differ from yours or others opinions. My opinion is not better than yours. Just because a card is in a high tier does not mean that every deck should have it. Vice versa, just because a card is in a low tier does not mean that it can’t be used in a competitive deck. A deck with all S tier cards will not necessarily be the best deck; the cards have to complement each other. Within the tiers, I listed the cards by rarity, not by superiority (Legendaries first, Commons last). The cards in bold are the movers and their old tier is listed in parentheses.

S – The Log, Graveyard, Electro Wizard

A – Miner(B), Balloon, Golem, Goblin Barrel, Poison, Lightning, Hog Rider(C), Musketeer(B), Giant, Tombstone, Furnace, Elixir Collector, Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Knight(B), Minions

B – Bandit(NR), Princess, Lava Hound, Baby Dragon, Bowler, Tornado, X-Bow, Ice Golem, Mega Minion, Battle Ram(C), 3 Musketeers, Inferno Tower, Fireball, Rocket(A), Archers, Royal Giant, Zap, Goblin Gang(C)

C – Ice Wizard, Lumberjack, Skeleton Army, Executioner(B), Pekka, Mirror, Freeze, Dart Goblin(B), Mini Pekka, Valkyrie, Prince, Fire Spirits, Minion Horde, Elite Barbarians, Arrows, Mortar, Guards, Barbarian Hut, Cannon

D – Inferno Dragon, Dark Prince, Witch, Giant Skeleton, Rage, Clone, Wizard, Goblin Hut, Bomber, Barbarians(C), Tesla

F –  Sparky, Bomb Tower, Spear Goblins, Goblins(D)

S Tier

The OP cards. You’ll see multiples of these cards in top tier decks. They’re either versatile and can fit in many decks or have extremely strong stats.

No new entrants this week!

A Tier

These cards may not be seen as often as S tier cards. They’re not as game-changing as S tier cards, but are still seen in many top tier decks.

  • Miner(B) – Miner-Poison’s come back with a vengeance. It’s not as good as the previous iteration (Elixir Collector was a huge part of the former’s success), but these decks allow strong defensive players to really show off their defensive prowess. The key component, Miner, gives these players a fall back for continual, consistent chip damage. These decks have grown in popularity in part due to cards like Bandit and Battle Ram acting as medium-risk, medium-reward cards for tower damage, but the regular “total defense” Miner-Poison with Ice Spirit, Knight, Skeletons, works really well too.
  • Hog Rider(C) – The solo pig push/river jump buff was HUGE. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the interaction where you can place the Hog Rider on the far edge of the river (either left or right) and it will jump over the river and can bypass some buildings placed too far back in the middle and 1 square closer to the opposite tower. This buff has single-handedly helped Hog Rider become much more viable and popular Hog decks like Hog-Log bait, Hog-Tornado, and Hog-Giant have become more widespread throughout this meta.
  • Musketeer(B) – In my opinion, Musketeer is one of those cards that usually look good in a regular player’s hands, but can look amazing in the hands of skilled players. Other cards like this are Tornado and Freeze. Players that know how to use these cards well can get so much value out of them. Skilled Musketeer players will know how to protect them and where to place them so that they will get value 15-20 seconds later.
  • Knight(B) – Risen up in tiers due to several factors, including the Ice Golem’s nerf and his effectively both with and against Graveyard-Poison. His high HP makes them an obvious partner for a Graveyard push. Conversely, his high HP and decent attack speed makes him pretty good at *defending* against a Graveyard-Poison because he can clear the spawning Skeletons with tower health at a decent rate.

B Tier

Used right, these cards will make some great elixir trades; however, they can suffer due to being countered by a popular card or other reasons.

  • Bandit(NR) – Think of a more toned down version of the Elite Barbarians after their buff. Not in terms of stats, but in terms of playstyle. A Bandit at the bridge can catch opponents off guard and get to the tower in the blink of an eye. Although it’s very easily countered with things like Knight and Skeletons, it gets a B rating due to its its synergy in good defensive decks like Miner-Poison. Seeing your Bandit dash from something like a Princess in the middle and then dash to the tower is one of the more satisfying feelings in the game along with getting a Giant Skeleton’s bomb on tower and getting 3 Elixir Collectors down at once.
  • Battle Ram(C) – Grown in popularity similar to Bandit because of its synergy in Miner Poison decks. Also seen in some 3 Musketeers and Lava Hound decks. It’s deadly when playing against decks that don’t have a building to intercept the Battle Ram.
  • Rocket(A) – Miner-Rocket has been essentially replaced with Miner-Poison again. It still sees play in some Hog-Log bait or X-Bow decks and I see it having a place because of how much steam Elixir Collector is getting lately.
  • Goblin Gang(C) – I always imagined it as a near carbon copy of Skeleton Army in terms of effectiveness. More often than not, Goblin Gang is the goto choice than Skeleton Army in Log bait decks and it’s even seen play in non-Log bait decks like Golem decks. I honestly think the biggest reason is the Spear Goblins. The fact that Goblin Gang can attack air makes it a little more attractive as an option because they could kill things like the 1 HP Minions and everyone knows how dangerous those 1 HP Minions are.

C Tier

Most of these cards shine when they’re used in combination with a certain card or deck. Individually, these cards can be lackluster or even useless.

  • Executioner(B) – Baby Dragon-Tornado has stolen much of the thunder that made Executioner attractive as an option. Also, the last nerf hit this card pretty hard. However, the Executioner-Tornado combo is still pretty deadly against high push combos like Hound-Loon or Golem-Minions/Mega Minion.
  • Dart Goblin(B) – Its high movespeed is pretty annoying sometimes, especially when it’s defending a Graveyard-Poison and it runs into the Poison because of how fast it attacks and how fast it moves. A bigger reason is probably that Goblin Gang provides another Log bait card that attacks air and gives you another swarm card. I still like the card, but its high movespeed might be more of a detriment than a benefit because it’s so hard to put this card in a big push because it’ll run into the front lines.

D Tier

These cards either have bad stats, are easily countered, or are just outshined by other cards that do a better job. You’ll see them sometimes, and they may even help win a game or two, but not consistently.

  • Barbarians(C) – Tornado + any AOE attacking troop (think Baby Dragon/Bowler) means that this card isn’t even as good on defense as it used to be. It used to be a great defensive card because air decks weren’t as relevant but the proliferation of Lava-Loon makes you play 7 cards against 8 cards in those matchups essentially. It’s also not even that great at defending things like Golem because of how strong Log and Baby Dragon are right now.

F Tier 

The worst of the worst. You will rarely see these cards and it is even rarer to see these cards used effectively.

  • Goblins(D) – Gets demoted for reasons similar to Spear Goblin. It gets outshined by Goblin Gang, which is almost double the value at 1.5 times the elixir. Hard to find effectiveness for this card because of how prominent Log is and how it struggles at defending Graveyard now that Poison is so popular.

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  1. Art

    Great information Clyde. It´s the first time that I got your page and I will follow you in facebook too.

  2. Gavin

    clyde, good list, except something i disagree:
    clone is bad, it should be F (not horrible, but still always gets outshined by the rage anywhere except lava hound, and rage used to be F)
    witch is quite great, i got 10 wins with her, she’s awesome against graveyard, skeleton army etc. she shouldn’t be D, C would make sense, after the buff she completely outclassed the wizard
    poor barbarians, D was a bit low, even i agree the reason.
    for the same reason with goblin gang, skeleton army should be B
    since golem is ruling the meta, i guess baby dragon, golem’s best partner should be A, or maybe S. he’s back to his old times as one of the best epic card
    Battle ram is not so good, too less health so any high damage dealers, especially mini P.E.K.K.A, and hog rider is making a bit comeback, so he shouldn’t be promoted
    goblin hut is F as it spawns a troop which is F already
    just a suggestion

  3. blackbelt8888

    The skeleton army should be B, but the list is pretty good otherwise. No objections.

  4. Gavin

    “Poison is so popular.” Really? i thought zap, fireball and log were the most popular spells

  5. oscar

    And where are the power rankings and popularity snapshots

  6. oscar

    And also in Goblin Gang you said that spear goblins are what makes GG better than Skarmy but Spear Goblins are F-rated. personally, i think they should be C because they are a good cycle, can target air and also good distractions against MINI P.e.k.k.a. and similar.
    just a suggestion but ur list is really good and i always use it

  7. Allen

    My boy Giant Larry, an F tier? Sir, I’d like to battle you and show you what he can do.

  8. Me

    So here is the list:

    S Tier – The Log, Zap, Skeleton Army, Electro Wizard, Graveyard
    A Tier – Hog Rider, Arrows, Fireball, Minions, Inferno Tower, Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang, Skeletons, Balloon, Giant, Musketeer, Furnace
    B Tier – Wizard, Mega Minion, Knight, Miner, Archers, Elite Barbarians, Ice Spirit, Baby Dragon, Bowler, Valkyrie, Ice Golem, Cannon, Elixir Collector, Tombstone, Tornado
    C Tier – Royal Giant, Minion Horde, Golem, Giant Skeleton, Executioner, Princess, Lavahound, Mini P.E.K.K.A., Three Musketeers, X-Bow, Rage, Freeze, Mirror, Lightning, Poison, Rocket
    D Tier – Barbarians, Spear Goblins, Fire Spirits, P.E.K.K.A., Witch, Prince, Guards, Dark Prince, Ice Wizard, Bandit, Battle Ram, Dart Goblin, Mortar, Bomb Tower, Barbarian Hut, Clone
    F Tier – Goblins, Bomber, Sparky, Lumberjack, Inferno Dragon, Tesla, Goblin Hut

    1. Gavin

      i kinda disagree some you said
      Wizard: there’s no way the wizard is above the witch and ice wizard, if they’re D, he should be D too
      Miner: a bit too low, A would make sense
      Lava hound: ruling the meta, as lava loon . it should be A
      Rage: impossible to be C, too weak currently, D should be better
      lightning: best to kill pesky moderate hp troops, very great, B or A is better
      P.E.K.K.A.: the deploy time decrease was the first step, C is better
      Golem: ruling the meta with baby dragon, very powerful currently, A will prove that he’s stronger than his best support partner, baby dragon
      Prince: he’s quite good actually, you just need to support him with spells or splash damage dealers, C
      witch: quite good actually if you know how to use her, great on defence and distraction, C would make sense
      bomb tower: even the projection buff it was still bad, F won’t be even low enough
      clone: cloned troop easily killed, spells were very popular, F
      bomber: not actually that horrible, dealing insane splash damage, only low hp, support him he’s great, D
      lumberjack: impossible to be below the rage, fast high damage and drops a free rage only cost 4 elixir make him reliable on killing skeletons and goblins more than mini pekka, C

  9. Francis

    Spear goblins and goblins must be on b tier
    Thats my only objection

    1. Gavin

      They’re bad nowadays because goblin gang, skeletons, archers and fire spirit were better

  10. mael

    Do u pretend start make posts about shadowverse? Pleeeaaase?


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