Top 5 card to combo with Heal – Clash Royale’s new spell

Another new card, another new challenge!  The new Heal spell will finally be released next week, and players will have the opportunity to win over 100 cards in the upcoming Heal Draft Challenge.  It remains to be seen whether Heal to be a game-changing spell (like Freeze before getting nerfed) or a dud (like Rage), but here’s our list of the Top 5 cards that will benefit most from Heal’s hitpoint regeneration ability:

1. Balloon 

Lava-Loon is currently one of the most dominant decks in this current meta, and Heal may have the potential to make this deck even more difficult to deal with.  It’s hard enough to deal enough damage to knock out Balloon before it deals massive tower damage; now with Heal, Balloon (and surrounding cards) will have that extra HP boost to allow it to reach your opponent’s Crown Tower.  Be sure to nab Balloon in your deck draft if you see it – even if you don’t have the Heal spell, at least it will prevent your opponent from unleashing this lethal combo!

2. Lava Hound

While at its best (right now) when combo-ed up with Balloon, the classic Lava Hound + flying troops decks can also benefit much Heal.  The Lava Hound’s job is to absorb damage while other troops such as Minions and Baby Dragon dish out the damage from the rear.  With Heal, Lava Hound’s going to be even more difficult to kill – be sure to deploy your troops strategically when going up against the Lava Hound!

3. Royal Giant

After receiving a deploy time nerf, Royal Giant players have been struggling to find ways to make the Royal Giant attack effective.  With Heal, players can keep support troops alive (Ice Golem, Minions, etc.) while the Royal Giant deploys, giving the RG enough time to lock onto their opponent’s Tower.

4. Giant

Giant has slightly fallen out of favor in the current meta with an increasing number of ways to quickly deal damage to him before he reaches the Crown Tower.  With Heal, Giant and its support troops will be able to hold their own while fighting on the opposite end of the Arena, potentially leaving him with enough health to sneak in a few punches on the Crown Tower.

5. Sparky

Yes, there are still Sparky users out there!  Arguably one of the least played Legendaries due to the fact that it is easily countered, Heal can potentially make Sparky/tank pushes lethal again.  Additional HP for Sparky and its supporting troops can easily lead to a few more Sparky blasts – and potentially one that finally hits the Crown Tower!

Honorable Mentions: Hog Rider, Elite Barbarian, Skeleton Giant



  1. Legolas21

    I am one of those sparky users, but I’m even more rare: I use sparky in a control deck without tank in front like your typical beatdown sparky giant. Having to rely on sparky’s hp to hit the tower, I find heal spell even more useful to me.

    1. Celvin

      Can i know sparky deck?Im strugling right here to use sparky deck,Its so dificult,Can You Please Give me an Advise.

  2. Bright Joe

    I had stopped playing Clash Royale for quite some time, and I regret it though. However, I started playing it again but come on, I’m a noob now. Gotta learn some new stuff, a lot of new stuff have arrived in the game! Thanks a lot for sharing!


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