47 “Ultimate Champions” crowned in latest Clash Royale Legendary Arena Season

Since the introduction of the new Legendary Arena League Seasons for players above 4000 trophies, top players had their eyes set on one goal: becoming the Ultimate Champion.  To obtain the Ultimate Champion designation, a player must finish the season above 6400 trophies – something that no player has yet to accomplish before this season.  With more and more players starting off this season at a higher trophy reset (4600 trophies), it was anticipated that the first Ultimate Champions would finally be crowned.

With just a little over a day left in the season, veteran Nova player Pompeyo became the first player ever to reach the magical number.  However, Pompeyo could not maintain his hold onto the top spot in the final day as an influx of top players pushed their way up the rankings.  In the end, it was fellow Nova esports clan mate Matte who finished the season at #1 with a record 6547 trophies, followed by 3 players from the Arab Empire clan (soulhuang, White Light, and ouahleouff respectively).  In total, there were 47 players who finished the league season with at least 6400 trophies, officially becoming the first batch of Clash Royale’s Ultimate Champions.

There’s no doubt that with each new season, more and more players will reach above 6400 trophies.  Will the Clash Royale team eventually create another tier for players with even higher trophies (say 6800)?  And if they do, what will they call it? Ultimate Ultimate Champion?  Grand Ultimate Champion?  Only time will tell!



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