The definitive Clash Royale global esports competition is here: Clash Royale Crown Championship

Since launching a little over a year ago, Clash Royale has teased us with a number of high profile competitions, such as their first ever live tournament in Helsinki, the King’s Cup, and the North America Open/Crown Duel Tournament.  Today, the Supercell team has announced their biggest esports initiative yet: A massive, open competition for the title of greatest Clash Royale player in the world!

The Clash Royale Crown Championship is a huge undertaking: any player across the world above the age of 16 and have reached Level 8 will be able to participate!  Starting on May 11th, players will be able to compete in hundreds of 1000-player custom made tournaments  The top player from each of these tournaments will qualify for Bracket Play: eight 1024-player bracketed tournaments will be held, with the winner of each of the eight brackets designated as their region’s Top 8 players, and moving on a Round Robin competition.

In the Round Robin competition, these 8 players will battle against each other over a course of 3 weeks, with the Top 6 players qualifying for the Spring Finals.  In the Spring Finals, a regional champion will be crowned as the Spring Champions, and presumably earn an invite to compete in the World Championships at the end of the year.

So what’s in it for the winners, you may ask?  While there is no full breakdown of the prize pools at this moment, the Clash Royale team has announced that over $1 Million USD in prizes will be distributed the first year!  

Be sure to follow us for all the latest news and updates on the Crown Championship, and be sure to sign up to compete if you haven’t already!


  1. Raoul Camacho

    Hi there. Is the championship on? I’ve registered and everything. But no confirmation email. No notice at all. What do you know?? please.

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