Clash Royale Card Popularity Snapshot – May 2017

Hello! My friends at sent me the Battle Decks from players in the Global Top 200 at the end of last season. I analyzed the decks to produce lists of the most popular cards and decks at the top of the ladder. These lists may help you decide which cards to request from your clanmates, purchase with gold, and ultimately include in your deck.

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Card Review

Skeletons surge to the top, joined only by The Log in over half of all top ladder decks! Along with #4 Zap and #8 Ice Spirit, these cards share a low elixir cost, counter a wide array of threats, and promote card cycle for rapid access to a deck’s win condition. The Goblin Gang runs the streets in the new Legendary Arena; the green meanies were a quick favorite for Log-bait players and they continue to grow in popularity.

Knight and Mega Minion have seen greater usage from players seeking a sturdy body to beat up tanks or swipe down small swarms. Elixir Collector has pumped up enthusiasm for the beatdown archetype, enabling heavy decks to soak light attacks and counterpunch for a devastating blow. The resource building’s popularity has sustained the usage of Rocket as a ‘6-for-6’ elixir trade. Hog Rider dipped in usage this season, but has enjoyed play in a variety of decks as a secondary win condition.

Players hold a burning desire for Inferno Tower, despite its drop in usage. 4-cost spells Fireball and Poison also fell, with players seeking a more specialized role for their card slot. Lightning and Arrows both moved up, as did Tornado, a popular option alongside heavy troops that deal splash damage, such as Executioner, Bowler or Baby Dragon. This ample splash damage may be responsible for a small tumble in Goblin Barrel usage.

Musketeer has picked herself up after a stumble last season. Enthusiasm for Three Musketeers has also grown, enough for the trio to be featured as the primary win condition for the most popular deck at the top of the ladder. Minions fell slightly, but are still used in nearly a quarter of all decks. Miner and Giant remain solid options as tanks in control and beatdown decks, respectively.

The Electro Wizard and Skeleton Army were hit quite hard by relatively minor nerfs. They join the legendary Princess and Graveyard in seeing a decline in usage. Recent nerfs to Royal Giant and Elite Barbarians have seen the common win conditions join Mortar in near-obscurity at the top of the ladder. Meanwhile, the minor buffs to Goblin Hut and Executioner haven’t helped much, but Lumberjack has made a decent recovery.

Minion Horde was played this season in a Giant-based deck that uses them to punish an opponent’s misuse of splash damage. Despite their frequent pairing, Balloon lagged behind Lava Hound, which saw experimental use as a tank in primarily ground-based decks. Finally, Golem is still rocking the Arena–often supported by flying troops and causing devastation in double-elixir time.

Suggested Decks

Three Musketeers Beatdown (24 appearances): Three Musketeers, Elixir Collector, Knight, Ice Spirit, Zap, Goblin Gang, PICK ONE- [Skeletons OR The Log], and PICK ONE- [Hog Rider, Battle Ram, OR Miner]

Lava Hound-Balloon Beatdown (20 appearances): Lava Hound, Balloon, Mega Minion, Minions, Goblin Gang, PICK ONE- [Elixir Collector OR Tombstone], PICK ONE- [Lightning OR Freeze], and PICK ONE- [Arrows OR Skeletons]

Hog Rider-Goblin Control (18 appearances): Hog Rider, Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel, Inferno Tower, Princess, PICK ONE- [Zap OR Knight], PICK ONE- [Skeletons OR The Log], and PICK ONE- [Rocket OR Fireball]

Golem Beatdown (17 appearances): Golem, Elixir Collector, Lightning, Baby Dragon, Skeletons, Mega Minion, PICK ONE- [Lumberjack, Minions OR Electro Wizard], and PICK ONE- [Arrows OR The Log]

Hog Rider-Musketeer Control (15 appearances): Hog Rider, Musketeer, Knight, Skeletons, Tornado, Fireball, Zap, Ice Spirit

Giant-Minions Beatdown (13 appearances): Giant, Minion Horde, Minions, Musketeer, Miner, The Log, Zap, Fireball

X-Bow Siege (12 appearances): X-Bow, The Log, Inferno Tower, Skeletons, Fireball, PICK ONE- [Ice Golem, Knight OR Fire Spirits], PICK ONE- [Ice Spirit OR Archers], and PICK ONE- [Mega Minion OR Minions]

Knight-Goblin Logbait (8 appearances): Knight, Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel, Princess, Inferno Tower, The Log, Rocket, Ice Spirit

Bowler-Graveyard Control (8 appearances): Bowler, Graveyard, Poison, Skeletons, Baby Dragon, Knight, Electro Wizard, Tornado

Giant-Graveyard Beatdown (8 appearances): Giant, Graveyard, Bowler, Mega Minion, Musketeer, Zap, Goblin Gang, Fireball

Hog Rider Beatdown (6 appearances): Hog Rider, Skeletons, Lightning, Tornado, The Log, PICK ONE SET- [Valkyrie, Executioner, Ice Golem] OR [Knight, Baby Dragon, Bowler]

Miner-Poison Control (5 appearances): Miner, Poison, The Log, Electro Wizard, Ice Spirit, Inferno Tower, Knight, Skeletons

Giant-Bowler Beatdown (4 appearances): Giant, Bowler, Musketeer, Baby Dragon, Skeletons, The Log, Lightning, Tornado

Knight-Graveyard Control (4 appearances): Knight, Graveyard, Poison, Skeletons, The Log, Ice Golem, Inferno Tower, Archers

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View the raw data here:

Card Popularity Table

Card Top 200 Appearances Change
Skeletons 106 14
The Log 106 -8
Goblin Gang 88 25
Zap 80 14
Knight 78 14
Mega Minion 67 6
Elixir Collector 65 26
Ice Spirit 59 11
Hog Rider 58 -16
Fireball 54 -6
Inferno Tower 50 -16
Minions 49 -7
Musketeer 42 9
Lightning 41 13
Arrows 40 7
Tornado 40 3
Baby Dragon 38 -2
Miner 38 -2
Giant 36 9
Poison 34 -12
Three Musketeers 31 14
Electro Wizard 29 -22
Princess 29 -7
Minion Horde 28 10
Goblin Barrel 27 -9
Graveyard 27 -6
Bowler 25 -6
Lava Hound 25 5
Rocket 23 -1
Golem 21 8
Balloon 20 -7
Battle Ram 15 -5
Ice Golem 14 -4
Skeleton Army 14 -15
Lumberjack 13 12
Archers 12 -9
X-Bow 12 4
Freeze 10 -2
Valkyrie 7 0
Furnace 5 5
Mirror 5 5
Tombstone 5 -3
Fire Spirits 4 -3
Ice Wizard 4 -1
Prince 4 4
Executioner 3 3
Cannon 2 -10
Dart Goblin 2 2
Goblins 2 -10
Inferno Dragon 2 2
Mortar 2 2
P.E.K.K.A 2 -2
Barbarians 1 1
Clone 1 1
Dark Prince 1 1
Heal 1 N/A
Mini P.E.K.K.A 1 -3
Sparky 1 1
Spear Goblins 1 1
Bandit 0 -9
Barbarian Hut 0 0
Bomb Tower 0 0
Bomber 0 0
Elite Barbarians 0 0
Giant Skeleton 0 0
Goblin Hut 0 0
Guards 0 0
Rage 0 0
Royal Giant 0 0
Tesla 0 0
Witch 0 0
Wizard 0 0

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