Clash Royale Worst Card Rankings (May 2017)

Our infamous Worst Card Rankings returns!  There were some heated debate over the last rankings, as a number of players expressed their rationale for why some of their favorite cards should not be on this list.  Keep in mind though that these rankings are bias towards top tier player: certain cards (like P.E.K.K.A.) may be very effective before reaching 4000 trophies, but once beyond that, chances are there are better alternative troops/spells/towers that top players would prefer to use.  Again, our criteria is that NONE of these card are being played by the game’s top 200 players (as indicated by Woody’s latest Card Popularity Snapshot), and the order of the rankings are purely subjective based on the editor’s opinion.

Clash Royale Worst Card Rankings (May 2016)

Rank Card Last Rank
1 Bomb Tower bomb_tower 3 Well, the good news is that despite being our #1 worst card this time, we honestly don’t think the Bomb Tower is bad!  The Tower has decent health, and is your best bet for clearing out hordes of ground troops.  Only problem?  This meta is completely dominated by flying troops, with Lava-Loon being one of the most used decks amongst 4000+ trophy players.  And despite the Royal Giant nerf, many players are still sticking with RG decks (mainly because they’ve invested too much into upgrading him to level 12/13!), and Bomb Tower of course is terrible at countering long range troops as well.  We’ve suggested this many time before: let Bomb Tower deploy a Bomber upon being destroyed to give it more value!
2 Bomber   N/A Speaking of Bomber, the goggled skeleton jumps up to the #2 spot this month.  Players can still make Bomber work with Giant decks, but again there are just so many better alternatives for ranged damage (Ice Wizard, Electro Wizard, Musketeer, Archers just to name a few, and they can all attack air).  Even for AoE ground damage, most players would much prefer the 5-cost Bowler as he can knock troops back and more importantly, eat up much more damage.  Perhaps a nice buff Bomber can receive would be decreased damage (say 50%) from air troops?  He is wearing a helmut after all!
3 Giant Skeleton giant_skeleton 4 I know there’s a lot of love for the Giant Skeley, and it can potentially turn a game around IF it reaches the opponent’s Crown Tower, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is too easy to counter.  The current meta once again favors low cost troops (especially Skeletons), which makes it that much more difficult for the big guy to get to its destination before being taken down.  Same suggestion as above: maybe Giant Skeleys can benefit from some decreased damage from flyers due to a nice big helmut?
4 Witch witch 5 With the popularity of flying troop decks, you’d think Witch would find her way into at least some decks, right?  Sadly, Witch’s low HP makes her an instant Fireball/Poison/Lightning bait (the first 2 can’t kill her, but leave her within one hit of dying), and The Log will finish her off along with her Skeletons.  Being that a Witch is suppose to be a master of witchcraft and spells, maybe Supercell can decrease Witch’s damage received from spells? (Yes it’s a recycled idea, but it makes sense!)
5 Guards N/A Once arguably a top 10 card in the game, Guards have never been the same since the introduction of The Log.  The Log instantly knocks off the Guards’ shield, leaving only the flimsy Skeletons left for easy kills.  And even as a defensive unit, Guards can’t absorb enough damage, and deal damage quick enough to stop incoming Hog Riders/Giants/Golems.  99/100 players would choose to use Knight over Guards as their ground melee right now, and I don’t see this trend changing anytime soon.





  1. Eliptik

    Poor skeleton´s family…

  2. Gavin

    I agree, the bomb tower is NOT a bad card even it’s number 1, bomber is just outshined, still not horrible. Giant Larry, I believe one day you’ll find a perfect spot in the meta. But the witch just got buffed, still not great enough for ladder play? Guards, I hope one day you’ll find another spot in the meta

  3. Gavin

    Finally, no more 4/5 epics and a common joined this list

  4. Gavin

    I rarely see sparky, clone and dark prince (although I’m using him), why aren’t they in this list?

    1. o

      Dark prince is soooo good. Witch just does low damage and a sparky + rage + heal can ruin the game for some people. I have to say though i do see a lot of Giant Skeleton and Clone decks. They’re great for a surprise attack and on defence cos of the bomb

      1. Gavin

        I know dark prince is so awesome, I just rarely see him

  5. Butter face

    Giant skeleton is not one of the worst cards, I mean come on!! How about Barb hut, or did you forget it exists? Or what about clone?

    1. bob

      shut up weirdo!! the giant skeleton sucks and u and ur stupid face know it. also the barb hut and clone are pretty good, u dumb loser

    2. Gavin

      Barbarian hut is not horrible, goblin hut Is worse, for me the worst card rank is

      5. Goblins
      4. Goblin hut
      3. Tesla
      2. Bomb tower
      1. Clone

      1. Wagonut (Post author)

        I would agree that Clone is still bad, but one Top 200 player used it in his deck, so it did not qualify for this month’s ranking 😛

  6. Gavin

    Anyone agree that witch and giant Larry deserve some respect and shouldn’t appear in this list?


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