Clash Royale Night Witch Draft Challenge is live

It’s been over 2 months since the card was first announced, but the Night Witch is FINALLY set to join the Clash Royale as the game’s 12th Legendary card.  And as usually, the game is letting players get their hands on the new card with another Draft Challenge.  Everyone’s first attempt at the Challenge is free, so be sure to give it a go even if you’re not a fan of the new card!

The verdict is still out on whether Night Witch will be an effective card: we pointed out the card’s strengths and weaknesses during our first look at the card, and players seem to be struggling on whether or not to even draft the Night Witch in the Draft Challenge.  Rather than focusing on strategies for Night Witch, we recommend that you check out our previous Draft Challenge tips for pointers on how to get 12 wins.  And if you’re looking for strategies specifically around Night Witch, then be sure to check out Orange Juice’s latest Gameplay & Tips video with Woody below:

Good luck to everyone on getting 12 wins!

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