Recap of the Clash Royale Crown Championship Phase 2: Bracket Play

Last week, top Clash Royale players from Europe, Latin America, and North America were vying for 1 of 24 highly coveted spots in the Regional Top 8 during the 2nd Phase of the Crown Championship.  And while the tournament had its share of controversies, 8 skilled and well respected players from each region have now advanced to the Round Robin stage of the Championship.

Day 1 of the tournament began with some drama as top European player and ESCW Winter 2017 Surgical Goblin was declared the winner of first bracket despite having actually lost to Peppe 2-1 in the brackets.  After much confusion over what had transpired, it was discovered that Peppe had been wrongfully disqualified by the tournament admins, allowing Surgical Goblin to advance to his next match.   Upsetting as the situation may have been for Peppe, he and Surgical Goblin did eventually make amends.

Other notable qualifiers include top ranked ladder player (and our Northern Arena Toronto tournament semi-finalists) CMcHugh, who won the Day 2 bracket in North America.  The always-outspoken CMcHugh backed up his words with top level play, going undefeated (18-0!) in his bracket against top players such as B-Rad, The Jaunt, and Adam en route to securing his spot in the regional Top 8.  Meanwhile, popular Mexican player and CRL Season 2 winner Adrian Piedra was arguably the biggest name to qualify in the LATAM region as he finished tops in Day 3 of the LATAM bracket.

An impression run by CMcHugh to secure his spot in the NA Top 8

While the Crown Championship has been a big step forward for Clash Royale’s ambitions as an esport, the Bracket Play phase of the tournament showed that Supercell still has much to learn and improve with their championship/league operations.  Some in the community has expressed disappointment with the lack of clarity and enforcement with tournament rules.  Others have lashed out at the format itself, as a number of players who qualified for Phase 2 were unable to compete in the brackets due to a limited amount of spots.  But with the chaos of Bracket Play now behind us, we look forward to seeing how Phase 3 of the tournament – a Round Robin competition over the course of 3 weeks – will be played out.

Be sure to check out the official Crown Tournament website for full results of all the brackets. Congrats again to the 24 players who have qualified, and stay tuned for more information on the Top 8 Round Robin starting June 10th!


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