Here comes a new challenger: Street Fighter prepares for entry into mobile esports

A big announcement was dropped in the world of mobile esports today as mobile competition platform Skillz announced that a new Street Fighter game will be joining the platform.  While no information on the actual game has been releases thus far, the announcement states that “fans will be able to experience a wholly unique and competitive Street Fighter experience on mobile”. 

The Street Fighter series is of course no stranger to the world of esports.  Street Fighter V is currently one of the most followed esports titles, with the nationally-televised ELEAGUE Invitational having just wrapped up.  But while Street Fighter titles do currently exist on mobile, most are merely directly ports from console/PC and none of them support synchronous online play.  With the partnership with Skillz, it is safe to assume that this new title will not only support online competitive play, but also have elements of tournament modes and spectator features embedded within the game.

The big question is then: how will this game play on mobile?  Judging from previous Street Fighter and other similar fighting games on mobile, the controls and gameplay experiences can be considered sub-par at best, especially when compared to the classic console/arcade experience.  Skillz is skilled (pardon the pun) at creating a competitive experience out of just about any mobile game, but with an-already large player base and one of the strongest legacies in all of gaming, players will be expecting a lot from the new Street Fighter title if it is immediately positioned as a mobile esport.

Be sure to stay tuned as we will be keeping a close eye on this development and share updates once more information has been released on the actual game!

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