Rumor: League of Legends coming to mobile – through a management simulator game

Now here’s a different take on the definition of “mobile esport”: sources from China has leaked screenshots of what appears to be a management simulator mobile game for League of Legends!  We generally do not have the opportunity to write about the world’s leading esports game (Aside from our report that Faker plays/used to play Clash Royale), but LoL has been dominating esports headlines as of late with the NA LCS Summer Season kicking off and the announcement of their franchising model in North America.  The game is only going to get bigger from this point on, and it’s interesting to see their first entry into mobile is likely to be through a management sim game.

Management sim games have long been popular in traditional sports such as soccer/football, with the Football Manager franchise being the best example of the genre.  Judging by the screenshots, the LoL management sim will put players in the shoes of a team owner/manager and give players the opportunity to recruit, sign, and train players to battle with other teams en route to the Championship.  Other screenshots show that the game has a linear progression and a match-spectating mode, but one major feature we don’t see yet is drafting.  With Champion drafts being essentially the most vital row for professional LoL managers, we can only presume that this will be a major component in the game.

Congrats Rookie, you’ve just killed God!

No further information has been leaked at this point other than the screenshots and that Tencent (Riot Games and Supercell owner, amongst many other things) are likely the ones behind the mobile sim’s development.  Our guess is that the game will first be released exclusively in China (if it is to be released at all), so don’t hold your breath just yet if this sounds like a game that you’d like to get your hands on right away.  Regardless of what the final product will look like, it is encouraging to (potentially) finally see League of Legends have a presence on mobile – and a management sim game sounds like a perfect way to engage with the casual player base and drive more interest to the blossoming professional esports scene.  Now I wonder if the players will ever get compensated for having their faces appear in the game…

Credits to Sheng Yi for being the information and image source for this article

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