Introducing Brawl Stars: Supercell’s new 3v3 MOBA-esque mobile shooter

It looks like the next big hit in mobile gaming is on its way: Supercell has finally dropped the first preview of its upcoming mobile title Brawl Stars today!  And just like its last hit Clash Royale, we got a chance to see what the gameplay is like first hand via a live tournament featuring popular YouTubers such as Chief Pat, Alvaro, Molt, Yarn and many more.

So what is Brawl Stars?  Supercell describes the game with the followingRound up a couple of friends and head over to Brawl Town for real time 3v3 multiplayer battles! Unlock a variety of rough and tumble characters with different playstyles and punishing SUPER abilities. Try your hand in four different game modes. Shoot em up, blow em up, punch em out and dominate the battleground in fast-paced team battles and free-for-alls!

A few takeaways from this: first off, the Gems-collecting battle showcased in the debut video is just one of 4 game modes!  According to Pocket Gamer, the 4 game modes are as follows:

  • Bounty, in which teams must collect stars by eliminating opponents
  • Smash & Grab, where players must retrieve crystals from the centre of the map, with the first to 10 collecting and holding them winning
  • Heist, in which players must crack a safe protected by the opposing team
  • Showdown, which drops 10 players into a slowly shrinking arena to battle it out to be the last man standing.

First impression: kinda looks like these guys came out from the Mega Man universe

Also it appears that 12 characters will be playable during the game’s initial launch.  Not much is known about the characters yet, but similar to popular team battle games such as League of Legends and Overwatch, there will be Tanks (high HP units), Attackers (high damage), and Supports (heals or buffs allies), with each unit having unique basic and special abilities.

The game’s early beta version is set to launch in Canada’s App Store (sorry Google users) sometime in the coming days, and we will be sure to deliver our first hands-on review of the game once it is available in the App Store.  Until then, be sure to check out the official Brawl Stars Twitter and Reddit, and be prepared for what is likely to be the next big mobile esports hit!

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