Brawl Stars Brawlers guide: Part 1

It has been less than 24 hours since the release of Brawl Stars into the Apple App Store in Canada, and already players are non-stop grinding (and gemming) their way to the top of the rankings!  One major key to success in Brawl Stars is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character, or “Brawlers”.  In our first Brawl Stars strategy guide, we will take a close look at 4 of the most common Brawlers in the game:


Base Stats: HP: 800 | Attack: 80 Damage per Shell | Super: 80 Damage per shell

Description: You’re starting Pokemo… I mean Brawler, Shelly is a balanced range attacker with decent HP (800) and a long-range shotgun attack that has a decent spread.

What’s good about Shelly: Because her basic and super attack both have spread, you don’t need to be particularly good at aiming to deal damage with Shelly.  Just point (or drag) to the direction of the enemy and blast away!

How to use Shelly’s Super ability: Shelly’s Super ability is essentially a bigger version of her normal attack, with the added bonus of clearing out the bushes so that enemies hiding in them will be exposed.  To get the most out of Shelly’s Super, try to use the blast during team fights with more than one enemy within the blast radius, rather than blowing it on one-on-one situations.

How to play against ShellyWhile Shelly is good at most things, she’s not great at anything.  Some Brawlers can out-range her with normal attacks, while others higher HP units can out-trade hits with her up close.  Play to your Brawler’s strength against Shelly, and avoid staying too close to your teammates when her Super Shell is ready.



Base Stats: HP: 600 | Attack: 80 Damage per Bullet | Super: 80 Damage per Bullet

Description: Colt is a long-ranged gunner that can dish out rapid damage very quickly.  However, he is also one of the most fragile characters in the game at only 600 HP.

What’s good about Colt: Range!  Colt’s basic and Super attack has one of the longest range in the game, allowing you to somewhat comfortably fire away while keeping your distance from your enemies.  As each basic attack fires away several bullets, damage against enemies can rack up quickly if you’re able to land all your shots.

How to use Colt’s Super ability: Just like Shelley, Colt’s Super attack is basically a buffed-up version of his normal attack.  The catch is that since you’ll be firing more bullets for a longer duration, you’ll actually want to keep your character moving while your Super is activated (League of Legends players will instantly think of Lucian’s R attack as a comparison).  Try to lure your enemy to move in a linear fashion (ie. straight towards you), and keep track of their movements while you blast away.

How to play against ColtColt’s shot are all linear, so try to deke left and right (rather than forward and backward) to avoid his shots.  Once you’re within range of hitting him, you should be able to take him down 1-on-1.  Colt players know they’re flimsy, and will try to fire away from the back line while his higher-HP teammates engage you.  Try to prioritize your attacks on Colt, as he’ll go down a lot quicker than most other characters.



Base Stats: HP: 700 | Attack: 140 Damage | Super: 60 Damage, 700 Health


Description: Jessie is pretty much Torbjorn from Overwatch.  She can build a turret that auto-fires at your enemies with the Super ability.  Oh, and her basic attack can chain up to 3 targets if they successfully land.

What’s good about Jessie:  The turret!  Who doesn’t like to have a turret that can take hits and fire away at your opponent?  Also, while Jessie’s basic attack is slow and easy to dodge, it is effective against enemies that are grouped up, and VERY effective against stationary/easy-to-hit targets such as the TNT boxes in Heist stages, power-up crates in Showdown stages, and Nita’s Big Baby Bear.

How to use Jessie’s Super ability:  Avoid putting down the turret in an open location as enemies will be able to blast away at it with ease.  Try to place the turret behind a hard wall cover; while this may block some of its trajectory, it will also make it much harder for your opponent to get rid of it.  If you’re pre-empting an enemy invasion, place the turret in the bushes to catch them off guard.  If you’re on the run from an enemy, place the turret AWAY from your rather than immediately behind you for some added distraction.

How to play against Jessie:  As mentioned, Jessie’s normal shots are relatively easy to avoid, so just be patient as she fires away and move in for the kill.  Avoiding her shots is also key for preventing her from charging up her Super ability – so if you don’t want to see more turrets, then don’t let her hit you!  Also remember that her shot bounces off whatever target it hits, so try to stay away from your teammates/targets when she’s on the attack.



Base Stats: HP: 800 | Attack: 160 Damage | Super: 100 Damage, 1200 Health

Description: Clearly “inspired” by League of Legend’s Annie (Annie + Nita = Anita, get it?), Nita is a balanced attacker than can summon an attacking bear called Big Baby Bear.  Her normal attack is linear shockwave that damages anything in its relatively-short path.

What’s good about Nita:  The Bear!  While BBB doesn’t possess the smartest AI, its high HP will help absorb A LOT of damage.  And it’s not like your opponent can just ignore the BBB as it’ll attack anything in its path!

How to use Nita’s Super ability:  Keep in mind that BBB has no range, so if you summon it far away from your opponent, it’ll probably get blasted down before even laying a claw on anyone.  Try to catch your opponent by surprise when deploying BBB, like when you’re being pursued by an attacker or when you’re behind a bush.  Instead of using it as a killing machine, it’s often best to hold onto BBB until you need him on defense, especially during the final seconds of Smash & Grab stages.  If your BBB does a good job, your Super meter will charge up again very quickly, allowing you to deploy a full health BBB again in no time!

How to play against Nita:  Nita’s normal attack does decent damage, but is linear and limited range.  Try to snipe away at Nita from afar if you have the range advantage.  When Nita deploys BBB, don’t panic, and don’t immediately waste all your bullets blasting away at the bear as you’ll quickly run out of ammo and leave yourself open to an attack from your opponent.  Temporarily retreat (unless you absolutely must go on the attack) and take your time to blast away at the bear from a distance while it tries to chase you down.



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    Dear Moesport,
    I am working on a fan app for Supercell new game Brawl Stars and I want to use your images from the app and give you a credit,
    Do the images you use from Brawl Stars are according to Supercell fan content policy?

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Images are either screenshots or from the Brawl Stars social media account. Feel free to use 🙂


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