“Summer of 2v2” coming to Clash Royale

Supercell has absolutely been on fire this summer: the Clash Royale Crown Championship Top 8 is now underway, the Clash of Clans Builders Base mode helped rejuvenate the company’s first game, and their latest game Brawl Stars has everyone wishing they had a Canada iTunes account.  One feature that has kept Clash Royale (the #2 top mobile game in 2016 according to some) fresh with players is the introduction of the 2v2 game mode.  Clan members finally had the opportunity to play with each other, and the limited time 2v2 button even allowed solo queue’ers to experience 2v2 battle without waiting around for clan mates to be online.

So what’s next for 2v2 in Clash Royale?  According to the Clash Royale team, we can expect to have 2v2 stick around throughout July in “the Summer of 2v2“!  Despite what seems to be an overwhelming success, the CR team is still looking to collect data and feedback from players regarding the 2v2 mode before determining whether a) this becomes a permanent feature, and b) be a part of the game’s tournament mode and/or competitive scene.  Here’s hoping that the CR team will look to do more with the 2v2 mode beyond July!


  1. anesu gara

    Please make 2v2 permanent!!! This was the greatest experience Iv ever had and I can’t stop playing it

    1. sam


    2. Triston

      A billion percent agree the 2v2 is my favorite game mode

  2. Dominic

    The 2vs2 was the best thing in clash royale!!

  3. Sourav

    Please make 2v2 battle permanent

    1. Vats

      Yaa really

  4. sanjida

    please make 2vs 2 permanent

  5. Carlos

    Please make 2v2 permanent!!
    It’s so fun being able to play with your friends!

  6. Cruz

    Make 2v2’s permanent but also can we like report our “teamates” that just out there to make us lose because they don’t attack or they leave the match

  7. Sasha

    2v2 permanent please

  8. Michael

    Yeah the 2v2 are the best make it stay forever please

  9. Mahmoud

    2v2 forever

  10. Lisa

    Please make it permanent…. it’s such a good game mode??

  11. HKL

    2v2 is literally a game changer. best mode ever. please leave in on permanently. i know heaps of friends who joined clash because of 2v2 whole month of july. now that its over they rarely play anymore. It would be a possibility to leave single mode on as well for those who dont like 2v2 but everyone i know who plays this game is addicted to 2v2!!!

  12. Itai

    I live 2v2!! It’s awesome! My favorite mode actually! Please make it permanent!👍👍👍😎


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