Will Brawl Stars be the mobile’s next Overwatch?

Editor’s Note: The thoughts and opinions expressed in this guest post are those of the writer and not MoEsport 

Without a doubt, it was like a blast to the game industry after the latest project of Supercell was unveiled by their wicked underground mine scene video teaser, and the blasts are expected to grow bigger.

Just like every Supercell fan, my friends and I were itching by the dense curiosity in our stomachs when clicking on “Brawl Stars Tournament” video. Then the dipping sound of waterdrop starts echoing…

The first impression for me is that the battle scene looks familiar. A friend of mine spitted it out “Ain’t that gameplay the same as an idea we talked about before? 2D Overwatch?”

Unexpectedly, it aroused many disagreements and debates. Brawl Stars = 2D Overwatch?


If you think this gameplay originates from Overwatch, you can almost say that Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are also referenced from other games too. CoC learnt part of the core gameplay from Real-time Strategy games like Starcraft.  CR learnt something from Tower Defense Games like Warcraft Tower Defense maps. Apparently, combine the old elements to generate a new game is still considered as an original creation and it will create a phenomena, thus a new genre anyway. Besides, who says Supercell has to create a new genre? Blizzard didn’t create the RTS genre, Westwood did, but Blizzard is still one of greatest game company in the world, as well as Supercell.


I don’t deny that CoC excelled RTS games on mobile device, and CR was born from TD games and made it better; but the most part of these two games are still original. On the other hand, the gameplay and character skills of Brawl Star are so similar with Overwatch in a large percentage: they have only switched the camera angle form 3D to 2D. It’s not creative enough for such a famous company. There are already pretty many 2D shooter games on smartphones, so it’s not likely to be a brand new genre. It’s common sense that most fans expect them to create something brand new, since Supercell is considered to be the king of mobile gaming.

Despite each side holding tight to their own opinions, they both agree that Supercell will produce a higher quality product than any existing games in 2D shooter game genre whatsoever. After all, the company owns some of the best talents in mobile gaming industry and overwhelming resources backed by gigantic companies like Tencent, not to mention their over $2 billion yearly revenue.

The total views of the official teaser had surpassed 1.2 millions with more than 4 thousands 5 star ratings on the App Store, with votes being solely from Canadians within these two weeks (Brawl Stars debuted in Canada App Store on Jun 15th). Tons of Youtubers are funnelling to the game and broadcasting it voluntarily.

In this highly saturated game market, thousands of new games are releasing each single day, whether a game can be successful or not will always depends on players. So tell us what you think? Will Brawl Stars be the mobile’s next Overwatch?

Adam Wu is Chief Operations Officer/Business Development of mobile gaming company Shanghai Islands of Adventure Infotech Co.,Ltd


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