Oxalate, Atchiin crowned Clash Royale Spring Finals Champions in NA and LATAM

The Clash Royale Crown Championship Spring Finals concluded for North America and Latin America this past week, with Oxalate from Hollywood Hammers and Atchiin from Nova Esports winning in their respective regions.

North America

Heading into the final day of competition, #1 seed CMcHugh was considered to be the heavy favorite.  After seeing fellow Nova teammate Batman go down to Rice (at the time the only player in the tournament to have defeated CMcHugh), CMcHugh was able to avenge his teammate and earlier loss by defeating Rice 2-1.  This would set up for the highly anticipated match-up against Oxalate.  The #2 seed Oxalate had been solid during the Round Robin phase with a 5-2 record, but was swept by CMcHugh in both their head-to-head and tiebreaker match-up.  Learning from his previously defeats, Oxalate brought out a devastating P.E.K.K.A/Battle Ram deck that led to the first 3-crown victory in the NA Finals.  Oxalate would go on to defeat CMcHugh 2-0, earning his spot in the Finals and sending CMcHugh down to the Lower Brackets.

After defeating Rice 2-0 in a Lower Brackets rematch, CMcHugh would once again face off against Oxalate for a best-of-5 Finals.  The first match would seem to set the pace for the final series: perhaps too eager to jump into a lead, CMcHugh overcommitted and mistimed placements in his first push, leading to a devastating P.E.K.K.A./Battle Ram counter push.  While matches 2 and 3 both went into overtime, Oxalate was able to win trades and capitalize off of CMcHugh’s minor mistakes en route to a 3-0 series sweep. Oxalate walks home with a $15,000 prize for his victory, and both he and CMcHugh will automatically earn a spot in the FallSeason’s Round Robin series.

Latin America

Unlike the NA Finals, the final day of LATAM produced a number of upsets, leading everyone to speculate who will come out as champion in the region.  Top seed Adrian Piedra would lose his first match against 5th seed XPedrois, forcing him into a much tougher road into the Finals through the lower brackets.  Meanwhile, 3rd seed and yoga-loving Atchiin put his poise and composure on full display, as he won series against xxDarkshadowxx, King Joao, and XPedrois to earn a spot in the grand Finals.

Adrian Piedra would go on to avenge his defeat against XPedrois in the lower brackets, setting up for a best-of-5 showdown against Atchiin.  While Adrian Piedra was able to defeat Atchiin during the Round Robin phase, Atchiin was in top form in this final day of competition, ditching his chair in favor of playing the game while lying down on the floor.  The new playing position (and pre-game meditation) seemed to have worked out for Atchiin, as he would go on to defeat Adrian Piedra 3-1 to earn the title of LATAM Spring Champion.  Just like the NA region, Atchiin will earn a $15,000 first place prize for winning, and both he and Adrian Piedra will automatically advance to the Fall Season’s Round Robin phase.

With top seeds failing to win in LATAM and NA, will EU #1 seed Donkey Kong be able to reverse the trend?  Will Surgical Goblin’s experience from winning on the big stage help him in these finals?  Or will another player step up to upset the top 2 seeds for the $15,000 grand prize?  Be sure to tune in to the official Clash Royale channels on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook this Sunday on July 9th at 8am PDT!

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