Vainglory to be showcased on live TV through Disney XD

That’s right, Vainglory is coming to live TV!  Through their partnership with ESL, Vainglory will be featured on Disney XD’s daily summer programming blog D|XP.  Before Vainglory fans get too excited though, this will only be an one-off episode that will feature community influencers with professional Vainglory players for a “showmatch”.

Traditional TV networks are slowly starting to jump on the esports bandwagon with the likes of ELEAGUE from TBS and FIFA 17 Championship on ESPN2 leading the way.  In fact, Vainglory will not even be the first mobile game to have its own TV show/episode, as both Amazon’s Champions of Fire and the infamous Candy Crush show  have both previously been broadcasted by CBS.  Given that almost all esports competition/shows on TV are pre-recorded and edited, we expect this Vainglory showmatch to also been a pre-recorded competition with some heavy made-for-tv editing.

With ESL Brawlers (a six-episode series preceding the Vainglory show) scheduled to premiere on July 20th, we can probably expect the Vainglory episode to air on Thursday, August 31st.  Here’s hoping that the program will be a success and introduce Vainglory to a new audience!

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