Clash Royale Crown Championship Fall Season to kick off with 20 Win Challenge

The Clash Royale Crown Championship is back for the Fall Season!  To kick things off, the Phase 1 qualifiers will take place in the form of an in-game Crown Championship 20 Win Challenge.  From August 16 to August 20, players who are able to complete the 20 Win Challenge will earn an entry into the Championship’s Phase 2 Bracket Play, as well as 250,000 in in-game Gold.  The full breakdown of the Fall Season schedule is as follows: 

  • August 16-20: Crown Championship Challenge – Millions are expected to participate in the 20 WinChallenge, which will be open to every Clash Royale player in the world.

  • August 21-28: Those who complete the Crown Championship Challenge move on to a set of bracketed tournaments with other players in their region

  • September 5-7: Regional Elimination Week – The top 16 in each region compete to move on to the next round robin live broadcast phase

  • September 12 – October 26: The top 10 players in each region battle to move on to the Finals. In this Top 10 phase, each player battles the other players twice.

  • November 11-12: The final remaining players battle in a live finals event to determine the best player in each region.

Liking your chances to get 20 wins? According to calculations from Orange Juice, it is expected that only 0.006% of players will be able to earn 20 wins before striking out with 3 losses.  In other words, it expected that only 60 players per 1 million will actually be able to make it to 20 wins!

Just like the Spring Season, regional champions from the Fall Season will earn a spot in the International Live World Finals in London this December, as well as their share of a $1,000,000 global prize pool.  More information on the Fall Season can be found on the official Crown Championship webpage.  Good luck to all the aspiring Clash Royale pros out there!



  1. James Woo

    hey you might not remember me but my name is wootang1997 i just won the 20 crown champ

    1. Wagonut (Post author)

      Congrats James! Good luck in Phase 2!

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