Clash Royale team teases new features and game modes in Reddit AMA

Supercell’s Clash Royale team took part in a massive Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit today, with ten members of the team on hand to answer questions on everything from game balance changes to the competitive esports scene.  Within the hundreds of responses were hints and details on upcoming features and game modes that have yet to be officially announced.  Below are a few highlights from the AMA:

Quests coming to next update

When asked for a teaser on the next update (anticipated for release in October), developer Bangs had this to say:


And much more 😀 #bestupdateever

Assuming that quests will allow players more ways to earn gems and cards, we definitely can’t wait for this new feature!

New Game Mode that can be played 1v1 or 2v2

Bangs would later have more to reveal on the previously mentioned new Game Mode: when asked more about the new update, Bangs said:

We’re working hard on it now (actually, we’re taking a break to answer your questions on reddit, but we’ll get back on it soon I promise!). We’ve got some COOL stuff coming, I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but expect something in October.

Ok, I’ll give you a little spoiler… We’ve got a new game mode that is VASTLY different from all others. It’s our favourite 2v2 mode on the game team.

And when further asked that whether the new game mode is 2vs2 only, Bangs said:

Our new game modes will work in 1v1 also, but we mostly play these in 2v2 because it’s <3 better together <3

Given that the Clash Royale team plans to keep 2v2 as a casual mode for the foreseeable future (also mentioned in the AMA), our guess is that the new Game Mode will be some kind of whacky objective-based challenge – perhaps deploying troops to fight neutral monsters and/or bosses??

Clan Wars on the horizon

Pretty much everyone who has played Clash of Clans loves Clan Wars (our first online tournament was also called Clan Wars!), and Clash Royale players are now wondering whether Clan Wars will ever be implemented in Clash Royale.  Artist Chich had this to day:

We don’t know when… but I can assure you we talk about this very often (big update, much work to do) let’s hope we see this soon.

And when asked more about Clan-related features, Bangs added:

We generally add game modes with every release, we think it’s a cool way to add variety to the game and mix things up every now and again. We have some really cool modes coming in the next update, some of the best we’ve ever done, according to us, but maybe we’re a bit biased.

War to pit clans against each other? I think that’s a cool thing, specifically ways to bring your clan together and work together to beat a common enemy. It will happen one day, it’s on the list of BIG ideas, but it’s a long list and we’ve got a few big ideas we need to implement first (secret thing A, secret thing B, secret thing C).

More reason for players to join up with a strong clan!

Ghost as a new card?

When asked about the upcoming schedule for new card releases, community Manager Tim revealed:

We’re aiming to release one new card a month, so our next new card will most probably come out towards the end of September.

We haven’t decided what cards will be in the next update yet, but we’ve been toying around with the idea of the ghost again!


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