Clash Royale Card Popularity Snapshot – November 2017

Howdy! My friends at sent me the Battle Decks from players in the Global Top 200 at the end of last season. I analyzed the decks to produce lists of the most popular cards and decks at the top of the ladder. These lists may help you decide which cards to request from your clanmates, purchase with gold, and ultimately include in your deck.

View the top decks here.

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Card Discussion

The Log rolled back up to the top as Zap faltered against the ground-based Goblin Gang swarms in the most popular deck at the top of the ladder. Most decks carry one cheap removal spell, but even the more expensive Tornado, Rocket, Fireball, Poison, and Arrowswere ALL up in usage. The tricky, twisting Tornado saw the greatest increase in use among all cards.

The most-used troop in top decks was Ice Spirit, favored for its flexibility and facilitation of fast cycle. Mega Minion and Knightswapped places in this season’s ranking; although each is quite versatile, the flyer gets played more in beatdown and siege decks, while the squire sees more use in the control archetype. With the pickup among 3-cost troops, Ice Golem, Bats, and Goblins have each taken a hit.

Hog Rider remains the single most popular win condition, seeing use in a wide variety of decks comprising nearly one-fourth of the total player base. The Miner managed to dig dug into a position not far below, as control decks have held off the beatdown rampage on ladder. The trend is evident from the big drop in Elixir Collector, which fuels only the most expensive decks.

The Princess flirted with a couple of other control decks this season, but still sees most of her play in logbait. Her favorite job is sniping Minions or Minion Horde, troop cards which follow right after her in the ranking. Night Witch is the final troop to bring the flying swarm, backing up beatdown decks led by Golem or Giant, who enjoyed a pick-me-up from the bottom of the ranking last season.

Heavy control decks fell out of vogue as Mega Knight and P.E.K.K.A both took a plunge. Two other troops saw their usage rate more than cut in half: Bandit fumbled and Electro Wizard stumbled down more than any other card, perhaps due to his recent damage reduction and the rise in spell usage. Goblin Barrel also fell down and remains a niche card in logbait decks.

The Inferno Dragon has also found a niche role as backup for the Mega Knight. Meanwhile, Baby Dragon saw more play in Graveyard* decks, but was slowly pushed out of Golem decks by **Lumberjack and Cannon Cart, which earned a spot in pro players’ decks at King’s Cup 2. A new X-Bow deck bolstered by Ice Wizard and Tesla brought heavy siege back into use by top players.

A few other win conditions have struggled to regain their prior prominence: Three Musketeers are on the decline despite being the lynchpin of a very popular beatdown deck; Lava Hound and Balloon are hovering in place, but aerial assault decks remain a relative rarity; Mortar is the last remaining win condition that seems viable, but more often plays second fiddle in control decks than taking the main stage for siege.

Skeleton Barrel has so far failed to launch.

Top 200 Suggested Decklists:

Goblin-Logbait Control (22 appearances): Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang, Princess, Ice Spirit, Knight, Rocket, The Log, and PICK ONE- [Tornado OR Inferno Tower]

Golem Beatdown (15 appearances): Golem, Elixir Collector, Mega Minion, Night Witch, Zap, Lumberjack, and PICK ONE SET- [Poison, Bandit] OR [Baby Dragon, Goblins] OR [Cannon Cart, Ice Spirit]

Three Musketeers Beatdown (13 appearances): Three Musketeers, Elixir Collector, Zap, Ice Golem, Goblin Gang, Minion Horde, Miner, Battle Ram

Mega Knight-Hog Rider Control (13 appearances): Mega Knight, Hog Rider, Goblins, Ice Golem, Zap, Bats, Inferno Dragon, and PICK ONE- [Fireball OR Poison]

X-Bow-Tesla Siege (13 appearances): X-Bow, The Log, Ice Spirit, Tesla, Mega Minion, Ice Golem, Archers, and PICK ONE- [Fireball OR Rocket]

Mega Knight Control (12 appearances): Mega Knight, Zap, Bandit, Miner, Inferno Dragon, Bats, Poison, Electro Wizard

X-Bow-Ice Wizard Siege (10 appearances): X-Bow, The Log, Mega Minion, Rocket, Ice Wizard, Tornado, Skeletons, and PICK ONE- [Ice Golem OR Ice Spirit]

Lava Hound-Balloon Beatdown (8 appearances): Lava Hound, Balloon, Goblin Gang, Minions, and PICK ONE SET- [Mega Minion, Fireball, Tombstone, Zap] OR [Miner, Arrows, Minion Horde, Skeleton Army]

Hog Rider-Executioner Control (7 appearances): Hog Rider, Executioner, Ice Spirit, The Log, Knight, Goblins, Tornado, and PICK ONE- [Rocket OR Fireball]

Hog Rider-Mini P.E.K.K.A Control (7 appearances): Hog Rider, Mini P.E.K.K.A, The Log, Ice Golem, Bats, Ice Spirit, Rocket, Princess

P.E.K.K.A Control (7 appearances): P.E.K.K.A, Electro Wizard, Poison, Baby Dragon, Tornado, Zap, Bandit, Executioner

Giant-Double Minions Beatdown (5 appearances): Giant, Minion Horde, Minions, Zap, Miner, Night Witch, Fireball, The Log

Hog Rider-Logbait Control (4 appearances): Hog Rider, Goblin Gang, Princess, Ice Spirit, The Log, Knight, Rocket, Tesla

Giant-Poison Beatdown (4 appearances): Giant, Poison, Zap, Miner, Night Witch, Mega Minion, The Log, Ice Spirit

Hog Rider-Trifecta Control (4 appearances): Hog Rider, Knight, Musketeer, Ice Spirit, Tornado, Goblins, Fireball, Zap

Mortar-Hog Rider Control (4 appearances): Mortar, Hog Rider, Bats, Minion Horde, Zap, Knight, Arrows, and PICK ONE- [Goblin Gang OR Archers]

Graveyard-Cannon Cart Beatdown (4 appearances): Graveyard, Cannon Cart, Poison, Tornado, Ice Golem, Mega Minion, Executioner, Goblins

Graveyard-Bowler Control (4 appearances): Graveyard, Bowler, Poison, Tornado, Knight, Baby Dragon, Bats, Ice Wizard

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View the raw data with all decklists here:

Rank Card Top 200 Appearances Change
1 The_Log 93 19
2 Zap 88 -20
3 Ice_Spirit 77 -6
4 Mega_Minion 66 20
5 Knight 61 10
5 Tornado 61 31
7 Goblin_Gang 60 -2
7 Ice_Golem 60 -9
9 Rocket 57 5
10 Fireball 54 15
11 Bats 48 -19
12 Hog_Rider 47 -3
13 Miner 45 -8
14 Poison 42 11
15 Elixir_Collector 39 -22
15 Goblins 39 -35
17 Princess 38 -1
18 Minions 35 0
19 Minion_Horde 34 4
20 Arrows 30 11
21 Night_Witch 29 1
22 Mega_Knight 28 -13
23 Bandit 25 -26
23 Electro_Wizard 25 -46
23 Goblin_Barrel 25 -8
26 Inferno_Dragon 24 14
27 X_Bow 23 14
28 Golem 21 -3
28 Ice_Wizard 21 13
30 Baby_Dragon 19 9
30 Giant 19 8
32 Archers 17 6
33 Graveyard 16 9
33 Three_Musketeers 16 -7
35 Lumberjack 15 10
35 Tesla 15 15
37 Battle_Ram 14 -4
38 Balloon 13 -2
38 Cannon_Cart 13 12
38 Executioner 13 6
41 Lava_Hound 12 0
41 Mini_Pekka 12 0
43 Skeletons 11 7
44 Bowler 10 7
44 Tombstone 10 -2
46 Inferno_Tower 8 -8
46 Mortar 8 -1
48 Dark_Prince 7 1
48 Musketeer 7 0
48 Pekka 7 -24
51 Mirror 6 3
52 Fire_Spirits 5 4
53 Barbarians 3 3
53 Furnace 3 0
53 Lightning 3 -8
53 Prince 3 0
53 Skeleton_Army 3 2
53 Sparky 3 2
59 Cannon 2 -1
59 Clone 2 -1
59 Goblin_Hut 2 2
62 Barbarian_Hut 1 1
62 Flying_Machine 1 0
62 Freeze 1 0
62 Guards 1 1
62 Heal 1 1
62 Rage 1 1
62 Royal_Giant 1 1
62 Skeleton_Barrel 1 N/A
70 Bomb_Tower 0 0
70 Bomber 0 0
70 Dart_Goblin 0 0
70 Elite_Barbarians 0 0
70 Giant_Skeleton 0 0
70 Spear_Goblins 0 0
70 Valkyrie 0 0
70 Witch 0 0
70 Wizard 0 -1

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