Vainglory wraps up 2017 World Championship in Singapore, officially announces 5v5 mode

It was an exciting weekend for Vainglory fans as the popular mobile MOBA wrapped up its 2017 season with the first Vainglory World Championship held in Asia.  In an event where many expected top Korean and NA esports orgs such as ROX Armada, TSM and Cloud9 to dominate, instead it was two homegrown orgs from the same regions that stepped up their game: Tribe Gaming and Ace Gaming.  The two teams would meet in the finals after pulling off numerous upsets during the weekend, with the veteran trio of DNZio, MaxGreen, and TTigers from Tribe Gaming finally coming out on top as the 2017 Vainglory World Champions.

The Super Evil Megacorp team also finally revealed its highly anticipated 5v5 mode this weekend.  Having teased about this new mode since early in the year, Vainglory 5V5 is an entirely new game mode built on Super Evil Megacorp’s proprietary E.V.I.L game engine, and it displays the most advanced technology that mobile gaming has to offer.  Vainglory 5V5 will introduce cutting-edge innovations on mobile, including true line-of-sight Fog of War, new objectives and ultra-precise controls. Along with the full unveil of Vainglory 5V5, Super Evil Megacorp announced that its global esports structure would also transition to 5V5 in 2018, expanding team rosters.


“Having our own game engine enables us to push the boundaries of mobile devices to gaming experiences that players have never experienced on mobile, or even PCs and consoles,” said Tommy Krul, Chief Technology Officer of Super Evil Megacorp and the chief architect of the E.V.I.L engine. “Our game engine holds us accountable for the level of excellence we provide to users; today, we are very proud to present an unapologetic, uncompromising game to the next generation of players.”

A number of 5v5 exhibition matches were played during the Championship weekend.  From a spectator’s perspective, it is hard to imagine that the gameplay is actually being rendered from a mobile device!  The SEMC team has definitely stepped up their game in delivering the new 5v5 mode, which runs with 3 million polygons, 200 fully animated actors, and 120 frames per second across compatible devices.  Here’s a taste of what can be expected: 

More information on the new 5v5 mode can be found on SEMC’s official blog post.  The new game mode is scheduled to be release in February 2018.  It’s time to round up your friends to form a 5 player team!

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