This Week in Mobile Esports (Jan. 28th)

Editor’s Note: This Week in Mobile Esports aims to capture all the newsworthy happenings in the ever-growing world of mobile esports on a week-to-week basis. Have any mobile esports-related news and tips to share? Send it our way at info (at)!

Clash Royale
Plexchat partners with Team Queso, Tribe Gaming, and Nova eSports to form new Path2Pro league

Looking to fill the hole between Clash Royale’s casual and professional scene, Plexchat announced its Path2Pro league this week as a way to give talented players a platform to show off their elite skills. In addition to providing amazing Clash Royale entertainment, the league aims to provide amateur players an opportunity to showcase their skills to mobile gaming talent scouts worldwide. The most battle-hardened Clash Royale warriors in Path2Pro will have the opportunity to complete an official tryout for Team Queso, Tribe Gaming and Nova eSports.

“Mobile esports has exploded in popularity over the past year, and in our communities on Plexchat we are seeing players worldwide ask how they can turn pro,” said Shawn Foust, CEO of Plexchat. “As the home for mobile gamers, we are uniquely positioned at the center of the mobile gaming and mobile esports ecosystems and have built the tools and relationships to give this new path to players.”

More information on the Path2Pro league can be found on its official website.

Vainglory 5v5 now open to Golden Ticket Holders

The long awaited Vainglory 5v5 mode is (almost) finally here! Just announced earlier today, Vainglory has officially entered early access with its 5v5 mode, allowing players with “Golden Tickets” (special invitations distributed to players either through in-game purchases, pre-registration confirmation or directly by Super Evil MegaCorp) to finally play in the new game mode.

Having invested a significant amount of time and resources to reinvent Vainglory as a 5v5 MOBA, SEMC is counting on both traditional PC MOBA players and competitive mobile gamers to once again be excited about Vainglory – and reclaim its spot as the #1 MOBA on mobile from Tencent’s Arena of Valor.

Player Unknown’s Battleground coming to mobile via Tencent, already has over 23M pre-registrations in China

The recent hype in mobile esports has been all about Battle Royale games, and the definitive game in the genre is about to get an official mobile release.  Partnering with gaming giant Tencent (the same guys who own Arena of Valor, Riot Games, Supercell and many many other games and companies), PUBG mobile will be first launched in China, and already has an official website.

No official release date has been announced yet, but already there has been over 23M pre-registrations logged by Tencent’s WeChat.  If PUBG mobile can perform anything like PUBG’s PC or Tencent’s Arena of Valor esports scene, this launch is going to be huge for mobile esports.

Rules of Survival

Vainglory Veterans take first place in Rules of Survival’s North America Finals
Speaking of Battle Royale on mobile, Netease’s Rules of Survival is going all-in to beat PUBG to the punch as the top battle royale game on mobile.  Taking no time to kick off its esports initiative, RoS held regional finals for its inaugural World Championship this past week for North America, Europe, and Asia.

Interesting, the team that took first place in NA is a team named Vainglory Veterans, consisting of – you guessed it – veteran players of Vainglory!  The team consisted of 4 players very well known within the Vainglory community: IraqiZorro, FlashX, BestChuck, and TTigers, and their success in the tournament was even noticed by the official Vainglory Twitter account.  Can we expect more professional mobile gamers crossing over to compete in other games in the near future? Only time will tell!  A full VOD of the NA Finals can be watched from here.

Super Senso
Super Senso launches in Europe and LATAM
Initially launched in March 2017, the mobile head-to-head synchronous F2P strategy game Super Senso has now officially launched in Europe and Latin America. TURBO Studios and GungHo Entertainment (the companies behind Super Senso) still has aspirations to solidify Super Senso as a competitive title worthy of recognition and time investment within the competitive strategy community, so it will be interesting to see how the game performs in these new regions.

The EU and Latin America launch also brings new in-game features, like new units, items, and Seasonal Leaderboards for ranked and unranked competitive play. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the items that have been added:

  • Zom-B-Boy, a breakdancing zombie unit
  • Butcher, a zombie chef that heals itself upon attack
  • Tomb Bomb Super, a lethal explosive with a devastating AoE which detonates after two turns
  • Gel Drop system spawns SENSO-Gel on the battlefield whenever a unit or Extractor is destroyed


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