A Worthy Tower Clash Challenger? Omega Wars: Champions of the Galaxy Enters Soft Launch

Mobile Esports publisher PiiK Games has just announced their next title Omega Wars: Champions of the Galaxy, a game that contains some verrry familiar gameplay…

Previously released as Omega Force by Taiwanese developer Moregeek Entertainment, PiiK Games has now partnered with Moregeek to relaunch this title into the Western markets.  Needless to say the game was heavily inspired by Clash Royale, but upon diving deeper into the game you’ll find that Omega Wars contains a lot of interesting and innovative features, including:

  • Players can play as one of three different Races – Human, Phantom, and Demon – with distinct special abilities, attributes, and units
  • The ability to combine and power up cards directly in battle through a card pairing system
  • The ability to unlock active or passive abilities for troops and spells with the crafting system
  • Dynamic 2v2 battles with unique tower combinations based on Races(!)

For us, the 2v2 battles are what sets Omega Wars apart from Clash Royale and other similar games in the genre.  The shifting tower formations and different synergies based on the Race selected adds a much deeper strategic element to these battles.  The cards themselves are also very well designed and fun to play, especially those with active “special abilities” that can be interchangeable during battles.

Omega Wars is currently available on both iOS and Android platforms in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Denmark, Ukraine, and it will be made available in more regions in the coming months during its soft launch.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on the developments of this promising title – until then be sure to check it out for yourself!

Download Omega Wars on iOS or Android:
iTunes App Store: http://bit.ly/omegawarsios
Google Play: http://bit.ly/omegawarsandroid


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