Clash Royale Clan Wars Invitational

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Four Clans, Two Days, One Champion

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Day 1

Day 2

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Cruecial (Leader of Sumou)
Wagonut (Editor-in-Chief of MoEsport)

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Official Tournament Announcement

Clan Profile: 大唐天子 (Datang Tianzi)

Clan Profile: InTheLight

Clan Profile: Legendary Rivals

Clan Profile: Sumou

Prize Pool:

Finishing Position Prize
1st $300 + 10,000 Gems
2nd $150
3rd-4th $75

Tournament Rules:

  • Each Clan will assign 5 players to participate in the tournament
  • Each Clan will battle against each other in 3 rounds of round-robin play; the 2 clans with the best records will compete in the Finals
  • Each Clan v.s. Clan match-up will be a best-of-5 series, with each player representing their clan in a single match.  The order of battles (and head-to-head match-ups) are determined by the player order that is submitted to the tournament organizer by the Clan representative.  This order is locked in throughout the round-robin.
  • Tournament will take place over 2 days: Day 1 will feature the first 2 rounds of round-robin, and Day 2 will feature the 3rd round of round-robin and the Finals .
  • If two teams have the same record at the end of round-robin, a sudden-death match with 1 selected player from each team will take place to determine which team moves on to the finals.
  • The Finals match will be a King of the Hill format: player plays until he/she has been eliminated, first team to eliminate all 5 opponents win the tournament. No deck changes can be made during the King of the Hill (same deck as Day 2 deck), but teams can choose which player to send out to play in the next match-up once a player loses.
  • All matches are played under the latest Tournament Rules format.
  • All decks must be submitted to the tournament organizer 1-day prior to each tournament date; players are allowed to submit a different deck for the 2nd day of the tournament.
  • Substitutes within the clan are allowed if any player(s) are unable to participate under unforeseen circumstances, but decks used by substitute(s) must be exactly the same as the one submitted by the original player.

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