A little late this week as we have been prioritizing our coverage on all the latest heading into next week’s big update, but here’s our last Card Power Rankings before the new cards and meta drops!

Clash Royale Card Power Rankings (July 1st)

Rank Card Last Week’s Rank
1 Elixir Collector  elixir_collector 1 Will the nerf next week finally be the end for Elixir Collector? Probably not, but it may encourage players to carry a few more Zaps, Poisons, and the new Ice Spirits.
2 Zap  zap 2 Speaking of Ice Spirits, Zap may seem like it’s a natural rival to Ice Spirits, but I believe that they actually are made to be a team.  With Zap’s ability to reset Inferno Towers and pause Elixir Collectors, I wouldn’t be surprised if Zap becomes our new #1 next week.
3 (tied) Princess  PrincessCard 3 2 more Legendaries will be introduced next week; will any of them stand a chance at dethroning Princess as the most popular Legendary card?
3 (tied) Mini P.E.K.K.A  mini_PEKKA 4 This is the highest that Mini P.E.K.K.A  has ever reached in our Card Power Rankings.  Things are looking up for the little guy (or girl)!
5 Poison  PoisonCard 7 (tied) A preview of what’s to come?  With it’s added ability to slow down Elixir Collector’s production rate, expect Poison to stick around the Power Rankings for some time to come.
6 (tied) Cannon  cannon 4 (tied) Slight dip in Cannon usage this week, but it’s still doing far better than Tesla (only 2 out of 30 top players bother using it)
6 (tied) Miner  MinerCard 9 Moving on up!  Miner is start to gain some traction with top players with his versatility and ability to reach crown towers in an instant.
8 Spear Goblins  T11 10 With a lack of better ways to deal with Minions, Spear Goblins are starting to see an increase in usage.
9 Giant  giant NEW This is NOT a typo!  Out of nowhere, Giant has
10 Skeletons  skeletons 6 Still very playable at 1-elixir, but the lost of the fourth skeleton definitely hurts.  Starting next week, Skeletons will no longer be the only 1-cost card in the game!


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