Trophies to Unlock: 0+

Cards Unlocked: Spear Goblins (Common), Goblins(Common), Goblin Hut (Rare), Valkyrie (Rare), Lightning (Epic), Goblin Barrel (Epic)

Goblin Stadium, where your adventure against other players begin… since the game is designed to allow you to progress, you won’t be losing too many trophies (if any here).  Still, it’s a great place for you to hone your skills, and if you play your cards right you should be able to breeze through this Arena without even upgrading your Tower!

First of, every player will have 1 Epic Card from the Training Camp, which will be either Prince, Dragon, Skeleton Army, and Witch.  Prince is easily the strongest card to have at this point, as Towers are weak and there’s not a whole lot of cards that defend well against it.

If your Epic is a Skeleton Army or Witch, then stopping Prince shouldn’t be a problem; if you don’t have either, then the best bet is to have either a Spear Goblin or Goblin in your deck and use it as decoy while you take out the Prince with the rest of your troops.

Witches seem annoying but they’re actually not very difficult to deal with.  Just lure her over to your half of the Arena, and play a Knight, Goblins or Mini P.E.K.K.A right next to her while your Tower takes out her Skeletons.

Since there are no defense towers at this point and Crown Towers are weak, the best offense is to put Giant in the front row of your attack, followed by a combination of Archers/Musketeer/Bomber/Spear Goblins (I suggest having 3 out of the 4 in your deck).  Mini P.E.K.K.A should be played as a defense card to take out incoming Giants; if Mini P.E.K.K.A survives on defense and you have some Elixir, throw in a Giant or Knight to protect it as you go on the counter-attack.  Be aware for Fireballs though, as that could potentially take out all the troops you stacked out.

For defense against just about anything else, place a Musketeer behind your tower and let her bounce away at anything incoming.


Tower 1 v.s. Tower 4. Tower 1 wins.

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