Trophies to Unlock: 400+

Cards Unlocked: Skeletons (Common), Minions (Common), Tombstone (Rare), Bomb Tower (Rare), Skeleton Giant (Epic), Balloon (Epic)

Suggested deck (only one Epic): Baby Dragon, Minions, Giant, Musketeer, Arrows, Goblin Hut, Tombstone, Knight

Your first real challenge in this game will happen in the Bone Pit, where you will find yourself facing off against players with stronger Towers and higher level troops than you.  You will also likely run into opponents with more than one Epic card, which at this stage of the game should be enough to swing the game in their favor.  Be sure to get your tower up to level 3 and join a clan!

Unless you have spent some time hanging around Arena 2, chances are you will still be relying on your original troops at this point as you have accumulated enough of them to level up.  The same Giant + small troops strategy is still the best strategy for taking out towers (see Arena 1 strategy guide for details), but the Giant’s path to the towers will be harder with the introduction of Minions and Tombstone.

Speaking of Minions, they should be added to your deck once you unlock them.  They are great at taking out melee troops such as Mini P.E.K.K.A and Knight, and is an effective counter against Baby Dragon if you play them properly (don’t put them right in front of Baby Dragon!)

Since you may also play against Minions, make sure to pack enough air defense against it.  Musketeer should still be your go-to defense card and she will be able to shoot down low level Minions with one shot.  Same goes for Balloon – it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter Balloon as it is a new Epic card for this Arena, but be sure you have Minions and Musketeer available to take down the Balloon before it reaches your tower.

You may also encounter more of the infamous Goblin Barrel, an Epic that is unlocked in Arena 1.  To counter the Goblin Barrel, simply fire of Arrows towards the direction of the tower they are attacking, ideally before the Barrel lands so you can avoid any damage.  Arrows are also great against Skeleton Army, so be sure to pack one in your deck at this point.

Goblin Huts are a good value play at 5 mana and will deter opponents from attacking one side of the tower with a continuing flow of Goblins.  Left unchecked, and the little spears will eat away at your opponent’s tower.  Try to play one in the middle of your Arena, and play a Giant or Knight on defense to stack up the Spear Goblins.  Tombstone is a very effective defense card (so good that it has been nerfed twice since the game was launched!) and will be a good deterrence against Prince and Giant.  Be sure to add that to your deck once unlocked as well.

Don’t be intimidated by Skeleton Giant if you encounter it; just lure it towards the center of the Arena with your ranged troops (Musketeer, Spear Goblin or Archers) and let your towers take it out.  Don’t panic and overplay your troops against it, as it’s explosion will wipe out all your troops and leave you open for a second wave of attack.




  1. Samual

    How do i get to arena 2

    1. vksdvk
  2. KingFurius16

    Arena 3


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