Trophies to Unlock: 800+

Cards Unlocked: Cannon (Common), Barbarians (Common), Rocket (Rare), Barbarian Hut (Rare), Rage (Epic), X-Bow (Epic)

Suggested deck (only one Epic): Barbarians, Minions, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, Fireball, Arrows, Spear Goblins, Bomb Tower

Arena 3 introduces to the game some of the most annoying cards in the game, namely Rocket, Barbarian Hut, and X-Bow.  Rocket doesn’t look like much, but it’s the biggest damage dealing spell in the game.  Barbarian Hut is a pricey card to play at 7 Elixir, but the value of spawning 4 pairs of Barbarians over its lifetime gives the building good long term value.  And X-Bow… I can guarantee you that when you encounter this card for the first time (or second, or third…), you will likely want to let out a curse word or two.

Barbarians are one of the most solid common cards in the game, and you should concentrate on upgrading it as soon as possible.  They are a great deterrent against Prince, can take our Giants quickly, can take hits against X-Bow, and also make a good front line attack as you back it up with ranged troops.

Arena 3 will also likely be the first time you find yourself needing to adjust your strategies.  Your Prince is finding it harder to reach your opponent’s crown towers, your Giant is being slaughtered by Minions and Barbarians, and swarm of ground troops attacking are getting bombarded by Bomb Tower.

While your ground troops will be running into obstacles, air troops are still an absolute menace at this point in the game as there are only a limited amount of cards that can counter them.  Baby Dragon owns the air at this point of the game, and Balloon can take out opposing crown towers pretty easily if it is able to reach there.  If you don’t have either, be sure to play Minions, Spear Goblins and/or Archers for sufficient air defense.  Be sure to have something protecting the Spear Goblins before you play it against Baby Dragon though, as one puff of fire from Baby Dragon will destroy them instantly.  Similarly, try to wait for Baby Dragon to attack on a building/other troops before you play your Minions to take it out from behind.

A deck you will be encounter a lot of at Arena 3 (and beyond) is the Hut Swarm (aka Hut Spam) deck.  This deck’s goal is to simply overwhelm you with a continuous feed of Spear Goblins and Barbarians from the hut along with a combination of other troops in the attack.  There are 2 keys to beat this deck: 1) When your opponent plays a Barbarian Hut, immediately attack on the lane where your opponent did not play the hut!  The Hut is an expensive 7 elixir and will only produce 2 Barbarians in the beginning, so if there’s an open lane to attack and you have the elixir then go and do some damage.  2) Hurt his huts by blasting it with Fireball.  Try to get used to the timing of when the next Spear Goblin/Barbarians come out of the hut, and blast it along with the hut with your Fireball.  If your opponent happens to play 2 huts together within the range of your Fireball, then you’re gonna get great value for your blast.

With the introduction of Barbarians, Fireball is now the essential spell you should have in your deck.  If you see your opponent play Barbarians, blast it with a Fireball, and hopefully you can hit some other buildings/troops/crown tower along the way.

And finally, if you so happen to encounter an X-Bow player at this point, don’t panic.  Place a high HP card (Bomb Tower, Barbarians, Giant) down in front of your Crown Tower so the X-Bow will target that first.  If you know your opponent has Elixir in the bank, DO NOT just go ahead a place cards in front of the X-Bow, as your opponent can easily block your attack with Barbarians, Cannon, or other cards.  Instead, wait for your opponent to commit to player a card in front of X-Bow, and plan your counter-attack accordingly.


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