Trophies to Unlock: 1100+

Cards Unlocked: Tesla (Common), Minion Horde (Common), Inferno Tower (Rare), Hog Rider (Rare), Freeze (Epic), P.E.K.K.A (Epic)

Suggested deck (only two Epics): Barbarians, Hog Rider, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, Fireball, Prince, Spear Goblins, Tesla

Welcome to Arena 4!  And get used to the surroundings, because chances are if you are a free-to-play here, you will be staying here for awhile.  This is the first time in the game that players will feel the “squeeze”, as you’ll find yourself not having enough coins to upgrade all the troops that you want and enough gems to buy or unlock chests.  If you are a free-to-play player, the best thing for you to do is to stick to upgrading your highest level cards first rather than upgrading every card in your collection (maybe except to level 2).  You won’t be upgrading your tower as quickly, but you’ll also have more coins to buy the cards you want from the daily store.

Introduced in Arena 4 is Hog Rider, currently the most popular card in the game due to its speed and ability to deal instant damage to buildings and towers.  To defend against Hog Rider, be sure to utilize one of the many defensive buildings that are now available in your deck (Tesla, Bomb Tower, Tombstone, Cannon, Inferno Tower).  Tesla is currently the most popular option for defense as it hides underground when not attacking (avoiding spell damage), and can hit both air and ground troops. Be sure to place your defense buildings in the middle of the arena to lure troops away from your crown towers and deal some extra damage.

When using the Hog Rider, remember that your goal is to try to catch your opponent off guard.  If you know your opponent has enough elixir to play a defense tower or Barbarians to block your path, do not send your Hog Rider in!  Keep count of your opponent’s elixir, and send your Hog Rider in after they over-commit on offense.  Also try to follow up your Hog Rider with ranged troops such as Spear Goblin or Archers to take out any small troops that may get in its way.

Speaking of Tesla, it is a pain to deal with as it can’t be targeted by spells (unless you hit it while it attacks your troops), and has a high retargeting speed, meaning it can take out your small troops with ease as well.  Prince is great for taking out Teslas as its charge attack will take out most of the Tesla’s health, but if you don’t have Prince, Minion Horde is also great at taking down towers (more on Minion Horde below).  As best practice, try not to attack your opponent until the Tesla is running low on health, and take it down en route to a swarm attack before your opponent can play down the next one.

Arena 4 also unlocks Freeze, which completes the ever-dreaded Hog Rider/Freeze combo.  If you happen to have both cards, use it!  Most players in this level will not do a good job countering the combo.  Players who are new to using Freeze should practice playing the spell before going trophy hunting to get accustomed to the spell’s radius, and timing with your cards.  While it is a powerful spell, a mistimed Freeze (ie. one that you play AFTER your troop has already been destroyed) is basically a wasted 4 elixir, and will leave you very vulnerable to a counter-attack.

If you encounter an opponent with freeze, try to 1) place your troops and buildings away from your Crown Tower, outside of the Freeze radius, or 2) hold off placing your troops and buildings until your opponent pulls the trigger on the Freeze, even if it means taking an extra hit from the Hog Rider.  Also be on the lookout for the just-as-dangerous Balloon/Freeze combo.  Be sure to use your defense building to lure the Balloon away from your Crown Tower, and damage it with your air and anti-air troops.


Another card you’ll be seeing a lot of in Arena 4 is Minion Horde.  The Horde may be squishy, but they can deal a lot of damage instantly, and can take out your melee ground troops in just a second or two.  Be sure to carry at least one of Arrows or Fireball (I carried both) to blast the Horde away as soon as they are deployed.  For players playing the Horde, the best time to deploy them would then be after your opponent casts one of the aforementioned spells on something else.   When using Minion Horde on defense, just stack them right on top of the incoming troops for instant and maximum damage (though you may want to be careful with Baby Dragon: best to wait until it attacks something else first, then place the Horde behind it). One thing to consider before putting Minion Horde in your deck is its cost: though it gives you better value than the 3-cost Minions, it does not trade well with Arrows or Fireball, and will leave you behind on the elixir count once taken out.  If you already have Baby Dragon or a high level Minion in your deck, then it may be better to just stick with those cards for the time being.

Once P.E.K.K.A makes it to the tower, it's just a few chops before it comes down

Once P.E.K.K.A makes it to the tower, it’s just a few chops before it comes down

I did not have the luxury of having a Prince or Baby Dragon at Arena 4, but I did pick up a P.E.K.K.A, and made good use of it in my deck.  If you have a P.E.K.K.A, try to play it behind Barbarians and protect it with spells/ranged troops.  If P.E.K.K.A can make it to your opponent’s Crown Tower, it’ll just take him (or her, according to some) a few hits to knock it down.

As said in the beginning, chances are you will often be facing opponents with better cards than you here, and it’ll take you at least a few days (hopefully not weeks) of Chest openings before you can make it pass here.  Remember to stick to the basics, don’t get frustrated, and you’ll be out of here in no time.


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