Trophies to Unlock: 1400+

Cards Unlocked: Zap (Common), Wizard (Rare), Poison (Epic), Mirror (Epic)

Suggested deck (only two Epics): Barbarians, Hog Rider, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, Spear Goblins, Prince, Arrows, Tesla

If you have made it this far, then chances are you have played Clash Royale for a good many hours, and are familiar with all the basics.  The same goes for the opponents; don’t expect to be getting much 3-crown wins from this point on unless your opponent rage quits or disconnects!

Despite the introduction of some new cards, chances are you’ll just be playing against higher level versions of cards from previous arenas.  You will likely see some combination of Hog Rider/Minion Horde/Barbarians in almost every match you play, so be expecting them (ie. don’t send in a Prince when your opponent has full elixir!) and equip your deck with at least a tower and a spell to deal with them.

Of the new cards, Wizard and Mirror are the two that you’ll most likely encounter.  Wizards are great on defense against a horde of troops as it deals decent ranged AoE damage, but at 5 elixir he’s not a cheap card to play, and has relatively low health.  If your opponent plays a Wizard by himself, chances are they will pile up on an attack with a tanky troop such as a Giant or Barbarians.  Blast the Wizard away with a Fireball or Lightning if you have either available; if not, then be patient and wait for the Wizard to cross over to the middle of the Arena (even if other troops are ahead of him) and take him out there with a strong melee troop.  Do not throw weak troops in front of Wizard as they’ll just be instantly fried; instead wait until the Wizard starts targeting something else first, and place your attack troops behind him to take him out.  As for Mirror, there’s really nothing you can prepare for until you see the exact same card being played one after another.  Just be aware that whatever card your opponent Mirrors, it will cost 1 more than its original; play smart, win your exchanges and you’ll find yourself with the upper hand against Mirror users at his point in the game.

At this level, patience is the key to success.  Play conservatively during the first card rotation to find out what cards your opponent has in their deck, and adjust your order of your card deployment accordingly.  For example, if you know your opponents have Arrows against your Minion Horde or Barbarians against your Prince, then don’t play your Minion Horde or Prince until they have played their Arrows or Barbarians against something else.  Your opponent will also learn to adapt to the cards that you play; just because your Hog Rider was able to land 3-4 hits on your opponent’s Crown Tower the first time doesn’t mean you’ll have the same clear path the second time around.

There are 3 styles of play commonly seen in Arena 5: Charge DecksHut Spammers, and X-Bow Decks.  Learn to identify them from the cards that they play during the first rotation: Charge Decks uses Hog Riders/Prince, Hut Spammers uses the Huts (Goblin & Barbarian), and X-Bow decks of course utilizes X-Bows, but also defensive buildings that are deployed in the middle of the arena to protect the X-Bow.

Charge decks relies on counter-attacking, and on Hog Rider and/or Prince to deal the majority of its damage to your crown tower.  Make sure you don’t over spend your elixir on attacking unless you know you have the elixir advantage or you’re in a position to deal more tower damage than receiving.  Barbarians, defense towers, Minion Horde and Goblins are the best defense against charges, so be sure to keep them around for defense if you have them in your deck.   Be vary of an incoming Prince against your defense towers, as his charge attack trades well against towers and he will still be alive after destroying the buildings.  Try to play Goblins or Skeletons in front of a Prince to stop his momentum and allow your crown towers to deal damage to him.

Hut Spammers are slow decks that try to overrun you with shear troop numbers.  The key to Hut Swarm decks are the towers, and you should try to take them out if you have damage spells.  Lightning is especially great at dealing with Hut Swarm and the radius is large (you could potentially damage both huts and the Crown Tower if your opponent misplays the tower location) and damage is high.  On defense, AoE damage troops such as Wizard, Baby Dragon and Valkyrie are your best options against the incoming swarm.   The best window to attack is when your opponent plays their first Barbarian Hut, as that would cost them 7 Elixir with only the immediate benefit of summoning 2 Barbarians.  Keep your Elixir count high until that drop, then go for an aggressive attack on the lane that is not populated with Huts.  Chances are your opponent will be scrambling on defense, and your push should allow you to deal enough damage to take out the tower with incremental damage.

You probably won’t be running into X-Bows too often at this point, but if you do, don’t panic.  Avoid immediately playing troops right in front of the X-Bow unless you are sure your opponent has no elixir available; chances are your opponent will play a defense building or troops (Barbarians/Minion Horde/Goblins) to block your path.  You should play down a tanky ground troop (Barbarians, Knight, or Giant) or a non-Tesla building (even troop generating buildings) in front of your crown tower, and let them take the first hits.   Your opponent will proceed to play defense towers and troops right next to their X-Bow (if they haven’t already).  This is your chance to blast them with a spell (Fireball for Barbarians, Arrows for Minions); if you don’t have spells available, then try to take them out with a ranged troop(s).

There are certain cards that are great at countering X-Bows, and you won’t need to worry much if you happen to have them in your deck.  Barbarian Hut is expensive by perfect for absorbing X-Bow damage, just be sure to play the hut in front of your crown towers.  Rocket can basically trade and take out the X-Bow, but avoid using it on Mortar as the elixir cost difference is not worth the play; same goes for Lightning.  Giant only costs 5 and can pretty much all the X-Bow/Mortar has to throw at him, so be sure to keep him around as a cannon fodder if he’s in your deck.

The biggest obstacle players will find in Arena 5 is simply the fact that many of your opponent will have higher level cards than you. Against players with higher level cards, you know that you can not win 1-on-1 exchanges with them.  To defeat them, you will have to play smart defense and make use of your Crown Towers.  Sometimes it’s worth letting your Crown Tower take a little damage (ie. not playing cards to stop Spear Goblins or Archers) so that you can have more Elixir to build up an attack on the other lane.  Also, don’t play cards with just the intention to stop your opponent; cards like Prince or Mini P.E.K.K.A can be first played on defense, then piled on top off for a counter-attack.



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