Deck List – First Official Tournament at Helsinki


Semi-Finals 1

Jason (Winner) v.s elfe
3   0
Elixir collector Zap Zap
Minion Horde Spear Goblins Spear Goblins
Hog Rider Goblins Goblins
Giant Hog Rider Hog Rider
Spear Goblin Minions Inferno Tower
Archers Bomb Tower Cannon
Barbarians Barbarians Barbarians
Arrows Fireball Fireball


Semi-Finals 2

steroidi69 (Winner) v.s. Naazime
3   2
Mortar Tesla Goblin Hut Ice Wizard
Elixir collector Minion Horde Lightning Valkyrie
Ice Wizard Hog Rider Goblin Barrel Freeze
Zap Fireball Skeletons Goblins
Skeletons Barbarians Barbarian Hut Minion Horde
Tesla Zap Rocket Inferno Tower
inferno tower Goblins Princess Poison
Minion Horde Freeze Arrows Hog Rider



Jason (Winner) v.s steroidi69  
3   0
Elixir collector Mortar P.E.K.K.A Tesla
Minion Horde Elixir collector Goblins Minion Horde
Hog Rider Ice Wizard Princess Hog Rider
Giant Zap Freeze Fireball
Spear Goblin Skeletons Tesla Barbarians
Archers Tesla Wizard Zap
Barbarians inferno tower Three Musketeers Goblins
Arrows Minion Horde Fireball Freeze

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